We are preparing for the New Year together with Clinique
 To shine on a holiday, you need to carefully prepare. Tips from Clinique will help you in this difficult matter!

For three or four days before the holiday

If you want to give the face and body bronzing, use the tanning. Lightly clean the skin with a scrub, then apply moisturizer.

The day before the feast, drink plenty of water and a good night's sleep.

On the day

Deep moisturizing give your skin glow. For a couple of hours before applying makeup cover the skin with a thick layer of moisturizer or gel. To remove the puffiness under the eyes and restore circulation to be done before the charging shower. You can also make turns hot and cold compresses. Apply a cream that will moisturize and soothe sensitive skin under the eyes.

If you jumped a pimple on the face, use a gel for topical treatment of acne. It forms a transparent protective film around the pimple and accelerates the healing, so the next day, your skin may become perfect again!

To reduce the visibility of pores and eliminate shine before applying makeup cover the T-zone of matting agent. If your skin has redness, before applying tonal funds use a protective base under makeup.

In the end, apply a moisturizing lip balm on, and your skin is ready to deliver a festive make-up!

On the eve of New Year holidays Clinique also offers express care for men.

The day before holiday

Clean your face with a scrub to refresh the skin and make it smoother. To moisturize the skin, use a moisturizer intensely. For the effect of light tan, bronzer, use gel.

Sign up in advance for a haircut, to brush her hair. Do not forget to treat razor cuts.

On the day

Shave, using a cream or shaving gel. After use antibacterial cream and after-shave cream-gel for the skin around the eyes, just in case you wake up with dark circles under his eyes. Apply a moisturizing lip balm.