We select the cut: a round face shape
 Your goal is to minimize the circularity of persons as possible.

Kirsten Dunst (Kirsten Dunst) - classic round face - here is a great hairstyle that is perfect for her type.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

Soft waves help distract from the roundness of her face. Too curly or vice versa, direct - only accentuate it. It perfectly matched the shape curls.

Mowing Kirsten multilayer, which is also important for a round face shape. Hair below the chin also help to visually lengthen the face. With short haircuts also need to be careful: Bob's head may appear even rounder, especially if you also have a short neck.

Minipoint look more profitable with a round face, rather than a straight length, which only extend it.

At that time, as soft curls Kirsten Dunst in the previous photos were lidealny to her round face, the worst thing you can do if you have a form - is to add volume, especially on the sides. If you have curly hair, trimmed layers to somehow balance them.

Here Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson)   (another classic example) looks chic hairdo, suitable for women with a round face.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

Her hair fall below the chin - it helps to lengthen her face. If you have the same type, it is best to avoid hairstyles with curly hair on the chin or long hairstyles such as "Bob", again, up to the chin.

Kelly looks very lively with smooth, graded layers, starting just below the lip.

Unlike women with elongated faces, holders of a round shape may grow their hair as much as they want. Long hair is pulled round face and looks more preferable than the short.

Just try to avoid direct cuts when all the hair has the same length. Layers help you achieve some clarity of the image, its definition.

Why working style Mandy Moore (Mandy Moore)   (classic round face)?

 We select the cut: a round face shape

Long levels are universal for all, and it is - a great benefit for women with a round face shape. They help to lengthen, pull the face. This hairstyle has levels that begin at the chin.

Wavy hair can mask the roundness.

Short haircuts are very insidious against women with round faces, because they do not add length and visually expand only person - it is better not to experiment. Avoid bean - any short haircut at chin emphasizes the roundness of the face.

If you prefer short hair, pobespokoytes that the haircut was a multi-layered, like Mandy on the latest photos.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

Long, combed to the side bangs are usually suitable for all face shapes, but especially look good on girls with a round face.

Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore)   (Classic round face) recently I tried a lot of cuts and experimented with almost all colors - this is one of the most advantageous options.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

She chose wavy hair which is the best alternative to a straight hairstyle for round faces. Especially, when the hair just below the lip.

The length should be sufficient, but not excessive.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

Here we have a long, combed to the side bangs and long hair enough - the perfect combination for the chubby women.

If you make the parting, do not do it in the middle and on the side.

You should aim to reduce the roundness of the cheeks.

 We select the cut: a round face shape

In the photo Charlize (Charlize)   preferred corrugated packing. It combines stunning bangs combed to the side, with soft waves, calm and quite seductive.

Straight hair to look good in combination with a round face should have some structuring.

 We select the cut: a round face shape