Bran: useful they really are?
 Many people firmly believe in the benefit of the use of bran, which now appeared on the shelves of many shops. Different types, with different composition and even the bright flavors - they are advertised as a very necessary tool for health and beauty. But is it? In fact, if the bran can benefit?

Use bran

Doctors strongly recommend to use bran for people with high cholesterol, overweight, as well as patients with diabetes mellitus.

Bran great help in the fight against hypovitaminosis. They contain vitamins A, B and E, as well as contribute to the normal flow of vital processes in the body. Furthermore, bran indispensable to combat constipation. Fiber improves bowel due to the adsorption of water.

Cellulose contained in the bran, thereby reducing cholesterol, improving cardiac performance. Due to the slow digestibility, they are struggling with excess insulin in the blood. Also, with the regular and correct use of bran, increases immunity.

Many nutritionists isolated bran as one of the major components of a healthy diet, leading to weight loss. Bran, due to its structure, is well rid of the feeling of hunger, and have very low nutritional value.

 Bran: useful they really are?

Harm bran

Doctors do not advise to use bran in diseases of the stomach in combination with diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and intestines, as well as the abdominal cavity, as the reception of bran can aggravate the uncomfortable symptoms. In such cases it is better to consult a doctor.

A harmful overabundance of bran, as, in this case, is too rapid removal of food and we are left with no nutrients, since they do not have time to learn. Bran hinder calcium absorption in the body.

A large number of bran leads to disruption of the intestine. You may experience constipation, which is why should adhere to the dosage indicated on the package.

Bran can cause dehydration. If you use them regularly, but at the same time, do not drink the right amount of liquid (at least 2 liters a day), there may be a problem with the work of the stomach and intestines.

 Bran: useful they really are?

Varieties bran

Indeed, as if we know what they are made? Bran - a peel grain remaining after grinding grain. Usually it considered a waste product and is used to feed animals. But today, this peel is often added to food additives.

There are several types of bran, which are classified depending on the type of grain processed into bran. Currently, bran produced from rye, barley, rice, buckwheat, maize and wheat. In addition the composition may vary according to the degree of grinding: large or small meals.

The first place of honor on the popularity in Russia take wheat bran. Second place - rye. Third - rice.

 Bran: useful they really are?
  Bran: useful they really are?

 Bran: useful they really are?
  Bran: useful they really are?

The correct choice of bran and storage

There are only three criteria when choosing a bran. The first thing you need to do - is to check for the presence of mold bran, that is to smell. Second - to taste - so you rancid determine whether they are fit or in use. The most recent, the third point is the color. Unspoiled bran should have a gray-brown color.

It is not always possible to take advantage of these tips if bran sealed. In this case, pay attention to the date of validity of the product on storage conditions. The product should not be stored in a humid environment near water. And, of course, not desirable to direct sunlight on the packaging.

To save the bran in outstanding quality, they must be stored in a tightly sealed glass jar. If you execute this little storage, then you prolezhat bran intact a long period of time.

Terms of use bran

Terms of use are very simple. Bran to pour liquid for 15-20 minutes, after which the bran is ready for use. The liquid may be jelly, yogurt, tea, or simply water. Importantly, do not forget that the daily dosage should not exceed '40

You can add bran to any dish, pouring the boiling water. 3-4 tablespoons will need 0, 5 cups of liquid. Then the pulp is used in the baking dish, cereals, side dishes and meat stews.

 Bran: useful they really are?

Using bran in the position of dosage, it is possible to quickly establish a constant activity of the intestine. A similar effect will not give any medication. It is necessary to use the bran during the meal. During treatment bran is necessary to drink plenty of water (at least 5-6 glasses a day).

The bran in the manufacture

More and more often, while in the store, we come look at the labels containing the magic word - "bran". Moreover, it can be yoghurt, bread, biscuits and cereals. Organize the production of bran in the form of beads. Manufacturing practices and production of bran with different natural additives (carrots, beets, cranberries, seaweed and so on.), Various vitamins and minerals.

Sale is carried out both in pharmacies and in specialized stores diet. The bran may may be composed of preservatives and artificial colorants. Try to opt for natural products that contain more nutrients. Of course, the pure product shelf life a little bit less, but the use of it more noticeable.

 Bran: useful they really are?

Bran in cosmetology

  Estheticians emphasize the inclusion in the diet of bran to improve the skin, especially sensitive, prone to inflammation and flaking. Popular mask welded bran from - they make the skin soft and nourish it. They also have a mild exfoliating properties.

Cream and mask bran can be bought in the store. But it is very easy to create such a mixture of house, mixing with yogurt, butter or a special cosmetic clay.

 Bran: useful they really are?

Children and bran

Most mothers who use bran, wonder whether it is possible to give them food daze. Nutritionists say you can, but there are some rules. Administered bran in the diet should be only three years provided that they make and added as an ingredient to the main dish.

The initial amount is one teaspoon, later increased to the recommended dose of two teaspoons. Again, you must first steamed bran boiling water, and only then to add to the dish. Also with three years of children can be given a decoction of bran to cleanse the neck ligaments.
Author: Marina Sun