Diet centenarians Sicily
 The problem of healthy longevity close to any woman: we are responsible for the safety and warmth of hearth, well-being and happiness of their children and grandchildren. Use the recommendations of the longevity of the island of Sicily in Italy, to your plans for the future is always translated into life!

Geography diet

Sicily - the largest island in the Mediterranean. Exquisite nature, mild climate and the sea, the sun. The islanders call their homeland "cradle of civilization" and "earth god Helios."

 Diet centenarians Sicily

Statistics centenarians

In April 2012, in the journal Immunity and Ageing University of Palermo researchers have published the results of a comprehensive study of the phenomenon of longevity of the population of Sicily. According to information received, on the 18328 inhabitants of the island accounts for 19 people aged 100-107 years. The percentage of centenarians living in the island more than four times the national average.

In order to study the control group took a full medical examination and answered detailed questions about the content of their diet and lifestyle. In addition, researchers evaluated cognitive abilities and the ability to self-perform daily tasks of natural longevity of the island. All participants were in good health, were physically active and not obese.

A key aspect of longevity Sicilians was recognized diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains and low in red meat, refined carbohydrates and sweets.

 Diet centenarians Sicily

The essence of the diet of centenarians

The balance of simple and complex carbohydrates, protein and unsaturated fats.   The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the human diet should be 1: 1: 4. It is essential to give preference to complex carbohydrates over simple. The third part of the total fat intake should fall on saturated fat and two-thirds - to unsaturated.

A limited number of refined carbohydrates and sweets.   Sugar, sweets and most of all kinds of baking intensify hunger and promote weight gain.

Many fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.   This item diet promotes excretion of toxins, as favored by the health of the intestine.

Widespread use of olive oil.   One tablespoon a day - rate of consumption of olive oil to prolong life without harm figure.

Low glycemic index diets most positions.   The glycemic index is a measure of how fast carbohydrates contained in the product is absorbed by the body. The glycemic index is, the more quickly the glucose into the blood. Giving preference to products with a lower index, you make your diet more balanced. It is important to bear in mind that any cooking process changes the properties of the product, sometimes quite dramatically. For example, raw carrots glycemic index is 35, while the boiled - 85. Therefore, for health and active longevity should prefer fresh, raw vegetables, berries and fruits.

Top 10 food

Vegetables.   Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, all varieties of cabbage, olives allowed in large quantities.

Olive oil.   It must be the dominant source of fat in the diet.

Seafood.   Fresh fish, lobster, mussels, squid or scallops eat at least 5 times a week.

 Diet centenarians Sicily

Dairy.   Yogurt, yogurt and low-fat yogurt drink in moderation. The cheese should be on your desk every day.

Eggs.   Limited reception twice a week.

Meat.   Red species and poultry. Eat up to three times a week exclusively with vegetables or grains.

Pasta and cereals.   Whole pasta, rice, cereals and other cereals are not only satisfying, but also beneficial to health.

Legumes.   Eat them on their own or as an ingredient of vegetable salads.

Red wine.   It is a powerful anti-stress agent. It is important not to abuse - limit to one glass of wine before going to bed.

Natural mineral water.   Drink one to two liters per day.
 Diet centenarians Sicily

Sample menu diet for one day 1922 kcal.

Breakfast, 500 kcal.

1 tbsp. coffee with milk and 150 grams of baking a dough

The first snack, 70 kcal

1 apple

Dinner 1000 kcal

Pasta with grilled chicken breast: 150 g cooked pasta 10 g of butter and 100 g of fried chicken

1 tbsp. green tea

Second snack, 42 ​​kcal

150g low-fat yogurt

Dinner 310 kcal

200 g of wheat cereal with 10 grams of butter

Caprese: crumble 2 tomatoes, 100 grams of mozzarella cheese, basil sprig and add 5 g of extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp. green tea

The key to longevity

Take care of family values ​​and friendships! Living surrounded by relatives and friends filled with meaning and joy, which favors the reduction of mortality - states one of the secrets of longevity phenomenon Sicily researchers.

Long and happy years to you life!
Author: Natalia Bartukova