Figure harm sausage and bad news
 In our review of the news of losing weight, you'll learn why you should once and for all abandon the sausage, a piece of fruit is included in your diet, why the bad news contribute to obesity, as well as learn about the miracle slimming invention from the American programmer.

Avocado normalizes metabolism

Nutritionists and avocado previously attributed miraculous properties associated with losing weight. Recently, it became clear how the avocado gets rid of extra kilos. It turns out, he decides to a very important problem associated with the normalization of weight - speeds up the metabolism.

This was confirmed in experiments with 17, 5 thousand people who were held for seven years. It was found that 2 percent of the participants ate an avocado every day. That they had the lowest possible risk of metabolic syndrome.

Despite the fact that scientists have not yet figured out what kind of substance as part of the avocado acts on the body "Slimming", they recommend the use of research results for harmony.

 Figure harm sausage and bad news

Give up sausages - even delight the scales

One of the worst enemies of a slim figure (along with confectionery) are the sausages. Besides the fact that there is nothing in the sausage is good for health, it has a very high calorie.

Scientists have proved experimentally - if we exclude food sausages, sausages and sausage, you can rid yourself of 500 calories a week. And this is without other changes of the diet!

If you can not afford to abandon half-finished meat, prefer less high-calorie foods - for example, buy a turkey ham. And in general, do not spare 20 minutes to prepare poultry fillet. It is good for your health and is not dangerous for the figure.

 Figure harm sausage and bad news

Wonder cocktail: Lean and not get bored

In the US market there was a novelty - the liquid cocktail that gives the body all the necessary material, so to speak, in its original form. 24-year-old computer programmer from Atlanta Rob Reinhart realized that you can eat carbohydrates, vitamins, probiotics, fatty acids and other vital substances in its pure form, by mixing them in a cocktail. So instead of tomatoes he has just added to the cocktail lycopene, and the bread was replaced by amino acids.

The technology, which is designed to replace the traditional balanced diet, called "Soylent". Externally similar to the beverage liquid pancake batter. The taste - and a nice, according to the developer, it is not boring. And most importantly - save time on cooking, money to buy food or order dishes from the restaurant. This eliminates the risk of destruction of vitamins during cooking. Vitamins and other essential substances enter the body in the desired amount.

Rob says that with new items you can get rid of the extra kilos. Dangers overeat not - you consume as much as the body needs. Remember the movie "The Matrix"? No "image" - only the most necessary in its original form. No culinary joys - and the extra kilos too.

 Figure harm sausage and bad news

And no bad news!

Scientists from the University of Miami have found that bad news contribute to obesity. The perception of negative information leads to the fact that people empathize with the victims of the earthquakes, road accidents, accidents, lost inner balance and begin to overeat. The study found that bad news makes people eat 40 percent more than neutral information.

Psychologists explain that in the context of perception bad news body uses more high-calorie food, regarding it as a reserve for bad times. All those wishing to lose weight Juliano Laran professor advised to avoid bad news, and live a healthy lifestyle. He noted that under stress the body "craves calories." As a result, inevitably, "broken down" the stomach and develop obesity. wishes you a slim figure and only the good news!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya