How to prepare a high-calorie food to stay slim?
 Somehow it turns out that the most delicious meals, more often, very high in calories. In fact, not always, but only when we decide that we have excess weight, and set ourselves the "noble" goal to overcome it. The word "noble" in quotes is not by chance: the restriction in food greater harm, and the inability to eat what you want, not the best way affects the nervous system. Vegetables and fruits do not have to taste, and at night dream cake and pizza. But worse, when on such diets is beginning to suffer the whole family, and in the kitchen no longer smells of cakes, because they are too high in calories.

Out of this situation is simple: most of the dishes can be made lower in calories, if you know the little secrets of their preparation. But best of all - their taste at the same time not deteriorate.

  Of course, meatballs, cooked in a double boiler, it tastes different from fried meatballs. But if they bake in the oven (fat they require much less), they will be no worse than any other chops. The same applies to fish and cheesecakes, and fried potatoes, and many other dishes. Food cooked in the oven, fried foods are much healthier.

  So, if appropriate preparation of a dish in a double boiler, choose a double boiler, otherwise we prefer the oven. A food for which frying is an indispensable way of cooking, cook in a frying pan with non-stick coating.

  I am offering a delicious recipe meatballs in a double boiler :

  For the preparation of meals take 500 grams of chicken, 100 g of long-grain rice, 20 grams of ginger, 4 bay leaves, 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice, 30 ml sesame oil, 3 g of sea salt, 2 tbsp. l. boiled water and 1 onion.

  Figure leave two hours in warm water. Chops onions and chicken, combine, add boiled water and sesame oil. Minced knead well and make balls out of it, then crumble them into the rice. We spread in a steamer, put on the bottom bay leaves and slices of ginger root. Meatballs are prepared 40 minutes.

 How to prepare a high-calorie food to stay slim?

  Reduce the amount of fat and sugar

  Another way to reduce the calorie content - reducing the amount of fat and sugar. Sour cream, mayonnaise, yogurt for dressings and sauces should be selected with a minimal amount of fat, or even replaced with other ingredients, such as yogurt, lemon juice, soy sauce. Hard cheese for casseroles, pizza may well be reduced to half of the standards specified in the recipe.

  But to cook cakes with no fat and sugar more complicated. Half of the fat (margarine, butter) for the test can be replaced by a banana or applesauce. And to reduce the fat content of milk, it should be diluted with water. For the butter cream can take a low-fat cream and add a thickener (you can add in the milk).

  The amount of sugar can also be reduced by one third, and the missing sweetness offset what some spices. For example, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, various essences give confectionery a pleasant taste and aroma, and a reduced amount of sugar, while not as noticeable. Also, there are many recipes for sweet products, where the sugar in the dough is not used.

  But from different sugary products (icing, sweets, etc.) should be abandoned. It tastes sweet, they are not particularly affected, but the added calories. Powdered sugar and coconut cakes decorated; impregnated syrup cake - and it's all too much for the female body. From those sweet ornaments can be completely painless to give or to use less high-calorie substitutes such as fresh fruits and berries. A coffee or tea is used instead of syrup for soaking cakes.

 How to prepare a high-calorie food to stay slim?

Secrets of cooking

1.   Wait until cooked broth to cool, and collect all the fat from the surface.

2.   Milk for cooking cereals, pancakes, soups dilute by half with water, but for some dishes you can replace it completely with water.

3.   When cooking deep-fried, you should wait until the oil warmed up to a temperature of 165-175 degrees, then the products absorb less fat. The same goes for frying in a pan: Put the products only in very hot fat. The finished dish is then put on the grid to remove excess fat.

4.   Fatty meat before frying sausages have to prick with a fork and just warm up a frying pan. The fat that is released from the sausage, drain and then bring sausages until cooked. You can also drain the fat from the meat, fatty fish varieties.

5.   Meat that is baked in one piece, in many recipes advise watering the fat that it emits. To reduce the calorie, conversely, the meat must be periodically watered apple juice, wine or mineral water.

6.   To prepare the burgers or chops, not necessarily roll them in flour and egg, better only in breadcrumbs, and the meat should be moistened with water or lemon juice.

  As you can see, ways to reduce calories too much. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment, to adjust recipes to suit your needs, make them some raisins and really enjoy the delicious, not reproaching himself a few extra calories.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch