Weight loss in figures
 What does the numbers have to lose weight? In this article you will learn how to set a goal of losing weight in kilograms, how many times a day you need to eat to postroynet, where it goes, "time piece" and how to spend it much more effectively.

Spreading the frame

On diets forums, and from friends can often hear "I want to throw 10 kg" or "For two months it is necessary to lose weight by 5 kg." Psychologists have concluded that a clear purpose - it's not exactly what you need in a matter of losing weight.

Although experts in planning and goal setting, and say that the goals should be as specific as possible, in getting rid of excess weight should be more flexible. So, experts recommend to set goals in the range, for example, to lose 3-5 kg ​​or 7-10 kg to lose weight. Pushing the box, you give yourself some freedom of between simpler and more complex task. This goal psychologically less annoying you and allows you to achieve more significant results.

On the basis of the University of Washington it was organized and conducted an experiment devoted to getting rid of excess weight. It was attended by 45 representatives of the fairer sex who are overweight. Age of participants ranged from 24 to 71 years. The subjects had to adhere to a 10-week weight-loss program, each week visiting individual consultation with a nutritionist.

The women were divided into two groups. Members of one group have set a clear goal of weight loss (5, 7, 10, 15 kg, etc.). The second group of selected target range. After 10 weeks, it became clear that the difference between the participants lost weight did not differ much. However, those who lost weight "in the range", signed by 10 weeks of the program, because they were satisfied with their results. As for women, set a clear goal, they refused to continue. Affected and tension, and the bitterness of defeat.

Scientists recommend to take into account this experience and give yourself some freedom to set goals.

 Weight loss in figures

Eat at least - we think about eating less

For quite a long time split meals (5-6 times a day) was positioned as the best mode for dieters. However, over time it became clear that this is not the best way to control weight. First, you accustom your body is constantly chewing. Secondly, it is very difficult to control the serving size. From time to time people will inevitably overeat, and this is a direct path to obesity. Finally, it is very difficult to monitor the usefulness of such a large number of meals - the menu necessarily "prokradutsya" harmful products, and that the extra calories. Finally, psychologically the whole day thinking about food - it's a slippery slope. One should not get hung up on the products and tastes, otherwise the food will be his life.

The modern approach is to feed twice a day. It turns out, as in the famous dictum of all the "breakfast eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy." Breakfast is so - the basis of vigorous and main meal of the day. Dinner should be easy to overeat is not worth it, otherwise you will not be able to work in the afternoon. From dinner should be abandoned, because the night to gorge on to anything.

The wisdom of this approach has been proven in a recent study. Study participants with a history of diabetes of the second type, divided into two groups. They consumed the same amount of calories, with the only difference that the first group ate twice a day, and the second - six times per day. The participants of the first group managed to lose more weight than participants in the second group.

Additional recommendations for those who want to go to two meals a day:

- Drink plenty of fluids. Very often what we take for hunger - a very ordinary thirst, is especially important in the summer. A cup of tea without sugar will not only forget about the hunger, but also energize and improve mood.

- Eat healthy foods - that they maintain satiety for a long time. It is eggs cooked useful ways as meat, fish, seafood, cereals, a variety of salads with beneficial ingredients (mayonnaise is better to forget about, like a nightmare).

- Dying of hunger in the evening? Slowly, savoring, eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir. A cup of herbal tea for a good sleep also will not hurt (chamomile, mint, etc.).

 Weight loss in figures

Stop to consider - it is necessary to download

British scientists known for their curiosity, came to the conclusion that the average of the fairer sex spends a year of his life to count calorie meals.

Scientists are shocked - every day a woman spends more than 20 minutes that count how many calories she consumed. In a week, 120 minutes, 127 hours per year. And if we assume that the life expectancy is 67 years, it turns out that this is a dubious activity takes a year of our lives!

Why are there women ... Men do the same. They can not count calories, but ponder and discuss this topic 18 minutes a day, which are annually poured in 109 hours, and for the same 67 years - 304 days.

Do you use from empty calculations and reasoning? Maybe. But there is a much better way to spend this time, a method that guarantees results and health benefits. You probably guessed that this charge. 20 minutes a day spent on the classic gymnastics or basic exercises (press, squats, etc.) - it is not only the strengthening of the body, prevention of diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle, but also the excellent state of health and a beautiful figure! Enough to consider, it is necessary to pump the muscles!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya