What a gimmick - rooibos?
 The last decade has brought on the shelves of our stores a lot of new products, which we previously did not know. Delicacies and unusual delicacies, fruits and vegetables from around the world come to us freely on the table. You just need to walk to a large supermarket and buy. I tried Rooibos tea. Liked. I wanted to know more about this beverage.

We're used to black tea to green. Now add another "color". But all are derivatives of the same plant - the tea plant of the genus Camellia. Varieties and types of different places of growth, the time of collection, the quality of raw materials and the processing method. And derivatives are valued for their antioxidant and toning properties, primarily. Tea rejuvenates the body, clears toxins. We just got used to it and do not want to wean!

Or, to wean and do not need? Just add to our menu, a new line of beauty - Rooibos .

Rooibos (or rooibos) growing in southern Africa, the wild, in Serderbegrskih mountains. It is in South Africa. Therefore, South Africa almost a monopoly Rooibos tea production in the country and established state control over the quality of the export units. Now rooibos is grown and cultivated on plantations in cultural plantings.

 What a gimmick - rooibos?
   This bush average height refers to the legume family. Stems covered with tufts of reddish leaves, needles, and serve as raw material for the production of tea beverage. From these needles, dried in the established technology is ready for brewing Rooibos (rooibos). The less inclusions and impurities it is, the higher the quality.

Rooibos has a strong flavor of fruit shades infusion brewed taste slightly sweet with a slight tartness, a reddish-brown color. Technology definitely brewing there, just pour boiling water in a thermos or teapot, warmed at the time of infusion (5-7 minutes). Dry tea leaves better to pour in a hermetically sealed storage pot and store in a dark place.

 What a gimmick - rooibos?
   What is rooibos, clear, and What is its value?   For that we should love?

The popularity of Rooibos tea began to gain in the eighties of the twentieth century, after the discovery of its properties by American scientists. But thorough research of Japanese experts finally identified - a unique drink!

- In its composition contains a powerful and unique antioxidant   (SOD), which effectively neutralizes free radicals, defective molecules that trigger irreversible changes in our body. Something like the alkalinity of the soil or rust metal. Also destroyed and our body is aging. Opposed to this process, substances that act as antioxidants. Here is the substance, powerful in its effects, it contains in its composition of rooibos. This drink helps to preserve the intracellular balance.

- But that's not all. Rooibos tea has antispasmodic, sedative, aseptic effect. It has a beneficial effect in diseases of the heart, malfunction in digestion, allergies and various skin diseases. It is not surprising, because this tea improves metabolism, blood composition and intercellular exchange.

- This drink It does not contain caffeine While toning the body. The content of oxalic acid is much lower than conventional teas. That is, it can be used for pregnant women, young children, kardiobolnym, people suffering from hypertension. Low content of oxalic acid prevents the kidney fat.

- Rooibos has a slightly sweet taste, so it is possible to use it without sweetening, or making it minimally. That is, a great diet drink   for those who suffer from diabetes or wants to lose weight.

 What a gimmick - rooibos?
   - Rooibos is rich vitamins and trace elements . Two or three cups of the drink completely cover the daily requirement of vitamin C and trace elements such as potassium, manganese, sodium and copper. Copper is not often found in conventional products, and this is a very important element to maintain protein metabolism. This copper supports a good complexion and skin condition.

- Rooibos is rich iron and zinc . It is also important components. It prevents the formation of iron anemia and improves the blood. A zinc boosts our immune system and helps in the fight against viruses. In addition, it reduces sugar cravings.

- Fluor Which is part of the tea promotes the content of the mouth and teeth in order. Infusion can rinse your mouth after eating. On the basis of Rooibos tea produced different cosmetics. At home, rooibos infusion can be used as a basis for masks, scrubs, lotions and opolaskovany.

The effectiveness of Rooibos tea is a successful combination of active ingredients and makes the drink is really unique. Try this drink can be an amazing gift of Africa will be your favorite.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky