Preparing for summer: the right of first aid from HARTMANN children and their parents
 The summer - time of active rest. And no matter where you choose to spend it - in the country or for the seas and oceans - in any case, you should take care of the protection of their families in emergency situations.

Summer in itself contributes to increased activity, because the sky bright sun in the back light breeze blowing around the heat, light and bright. So, you can not expect that the child at least 5 minutes willingly stay within the four walls of your country house or hotel room. If you go to the country or to the village, your son or daughter will not rest until he climbed all the bushes, do not try to climb the fence, do not examine the entire area and its immediate surroundings with eagerness of young trackers. If you go on holiday abroad, the same waiting area of ​​the hotel, the beach and the attractions that you decide to explore the whole family. Thus, the activity per se increases the risk of abrasions, scratches, cuts and injuries. Add to this another form of lightweight clothing - shorts and T-shirts, and you will see how unprotected young (and not so) traveler.

But the summer - is not the time to lose heart! No bruises, no cuts or other injuries you are not afraid, if you are armed with reliable high-quality products, which have taken out of the house, putting in the road first aid kit. It is not necessary to hope that "in place something there." Fall or not, and "straw podstelit" never hurts.

 Preparing for summer: the right of first aid from HARTMANN children and their parents

"Selling the wounds" - the ambulance from HARTMANN

If a child came running to you with a broken knee or other wound, allow it to sit or lie down. First of all, treat your hands with an antiseptic, such as Sterillium. This is the fastest way to get rid of germs. Then wash the wound with filtered or bottled water. If you are dealing with a burn, the wound must first be put under cold water. 10 minutes of the shower to avoid the spread of burn depth. The treatment of alcohol should be conducted only around the wound. The same applies to other means - iodine, brilliant green, the other alcohol antiseptic. Also, do not use ointments, oils, powders, which can also increase the pain and make it difficult to access wounds.

When abrasions, cuts and burns, you can not do without a tool such as sterile gauze or lint-free cloth. They help the wound to dry after washing. They are also perfect as a secondary absorbent dressing. With regard to the closure of the wound, then here it is best to use sterile atraumatic ointment dressings, such as bandages Branolind H Peruvian balsam - with antiseptic and wound-healing effect. The dressing on the wound may be up to three days, and promotes rapid healing. Change the bandage can be painless, which is also very important not to cause the child or yourself unnecessary pain.

If there is reason to believe that the wound could get infected (eg, dust, dirt, etc.), or for the prevention of secondary wound infection is recommended to use a sterile bandage Atrauman atraumatic of silver Ag, has a pronounced antibacterial effect, which persists up to 7 days.

Despite the injury, it is difficult to expect from the child that he will behave calmly. Children quickly forget about broken knees and elbows and begin as if nothing had happened entertain further. Obviously, the healing process is slowed down if the bandage slip. In addition, there is a risk of re-infection the wound due to falling sand, etc. To avoid further trouble, for fixing bandages in children is very convenient to use a self-bandage Peha-Haft. Colored bandages will not only help to fix the wound bandaged, but also entertain your child with bright colors - it certainly will be showing off their "battle wounds" to pals.

If you or your child suffer from an injury or strain, it is important to guard against edema. The main rule of first aid in this case - to provide rest and chill. Because the ice can not long hold on the injured spot because of the risk of hypothermia, use an elastic bandage with a cooling effect Dermaplast Cool Fix. While the ice must be removed from the wound, not later than 15 minutes, the effect of a bandage lasts a couple of hours without any danger of hypothermia. Dermaplast Cool Fix useful to you everywhere - at home and at the cottage, and at play, and in the campaign.

Armed with these tools, and bruises and cuts your family are not afraid!

 Preparing for summer: the right of first aid from HARTMANN children and their parents

What more useful in the campaign, in the country and in the journey?

* Summer - it's time to fruit, apples straight from the tree and strawberries straight from the garden. Of course, you should teach your child to always wash your hands before eating any food, but to follow it is not always possible. In addition, the country is a risk of poisoning with poisonous plants, fungi, etc., and abroad - exotic foods and dishes. The first symptoms of poisoning are abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea. Poisoning in the medicine cabinet must be present chelators, Smecta, Regidron, activated carbon.

* The heat combined with the wind, drafts and working in hotels "on all cylinders" air conditioning increases the risk of catching a cold. In the country there is such a danger, too - especially if "perepleskatsya" in the river or pond. Therefore, before a detour on a trip out of town, or consult with a pediatrician, a febrifuge to bring along.

* The first tool in a swoon - ammonia. When the child wakes, consult your doctor to determine the cause of fainting. This may be the injury and infection, and that something more serious - for example, a disease of the nervous system.

* If at least one parent is allergic, the risk that the allergy can occur in a child, is 50%. If you suffer from allergies, and mom and dad, the risk increases to 75%. Allergy symptoms, which may arise, for example, because of a food product or a sting are redness, pain and swelling. It may appear dizziness, nausea, coughing. There is the risk of difficulty breathing, seizures, etc. A severe allergic reaction can cause a wasp or bee sting. So make sure to stock up on antihistamines, among them - Suprastin, Fenkarol, Tavegil Claritin, Zyrtec, and others. What to take with you - and ask your pediatrician. And, of course, as soon as possible consult a physician.

With these tools with you, you can most help your child and your loved ones, if the need arises. The main thing - keep calm and always keep a first aid kit on hand. HARTMANN wishes you health and memorable vacation!

 Preparing for summer: the right of first aid from HARTMANN children and their parents