What woman wants, or Men are not admitted
 It would seem that such a sign is good only for the American comedy ... or a private club feminists. However, in our country there are many places where the appearance of a man may be undesirable or inappropriate. It is about a fashion trend the past few years: women's salons, shops and even a female female taxi. Why fairer sex own stores and profitable to work, relying only on the female audience?

Embarrassment aside
The fact that men and women can go to different shops and services of various salons and fitness centers to smaller collide with each other, I was able to learn quite recently, walking to the shops with my friend, a beautiful woman with a curvy shape. She chose a blouse, and suddenly stuck with something incredibly transparent in their hands. Turning around, I saw that the man came into the store, and is just in front of our stand with blouses, choosing a tie. Girlfriend, embarrassed, immediately returned the transparent beauty of the place and rushed to the exit.

It would seem that she care about the unknown man? But I understand her train of thought: probably thought that this stranger, and praised her figure, and a blouse that she chose. Most likely, even smart enough for him conclusion: that as soon as possible, with the weight of wear such clothes! At first glance, it may seem strange, but we all probably at least seen such women.

"Original clothing for women, chosen by the women themselves. Men entrance is strictly forbidden " - This text advertise their products modern shops for women. Some women customers may just shrug their shoulders, seeing no need for such a separation. But this is my friend, need, and shops, and salons in which they will not get appraising glance of the opposite sex. And if there is demand, there will be supply and demand if the offer - sooner or later it becomes a popular trend, which can be roughly and called - "For Women Only".

All Women:

 What woman wants, or Men are not admitted
 ... Fitness clubs
Clubs, designed only for women - not a new phenomenon. Divide clubs in male and female were the most obvious idea, because women in their quest for the beauty of the surrounding prefer to demonstrate the result, not the process.

"Well, she thought, I there sweaty, not made up, in sportswear, and I like it, by the way, is not a bit" - shared with me their thoughts on this matter Natalia, active client female fitness clubs. - "Why do I need a man? The new figure is better to show in a beautiful dress and a new hairstyle. I did not go to the groom wearing a mask and curlers. No, in the fitness club I do not need a man. "

Fitness clubs, focusing on the tastes and interests of its clients, adapting to them, changing the list of services, decoration of halls and training program. "Training FitCurves created exclusively for women, taking into account the physiology of the female body especially the structure and specificity of metabolic processes, psychological and emotional factors of women" - says a company representative FitCurves.

 What woman wants, or Men are not admitted
 Taxi ...
Taxi for women only - a special offer for those who are worried about their own safety in transport, because that is where, supposedly, women are particularly vulnerable. Typically, such services the same rules: all the drivers in the company - women passengers - women and children. Some companies, such as the St. Petersburg company-Carrier Ladybird, offer additional services to clients for its beautiful - soft drinks, magazines, CD-ROM for viewing or listening.

"Safety - that is what is important for any woman who uses the services of a taxi. Even on professional women are often forced to listen to the comments ... or compliments, which sometimes turn out to be too out of place "- says Love Cyril, CEO Ladybird.

 What woman wants, or Men are not admitted
 …credit cards
We are ready to provide fair sex services and other companies, even those that are seemingly difficult to "sharpen" a female audience - for example, commercial banks. A special bank card issued to women, Alfa-Bank, together with the women's magazine Cosmopolitan. Alfa-Bank-Cosmopolitan-Visa is the first credit card in Russia, designed specifically for girls.

Participants of the program have become popular among women shops and retail chains. The uniqueness of the card is that it replaces a whole set of discount cards and allows you to make purchases at great discount prices at leading retail stores and showrooms, including where there had never conducted the sale.

 What woman wants, or Men are not admitted
 Shops ...
A woman like no other, is able to make purchases in a big way. Surely many of us have ever come to the store for a bag and get out of there with new shoes, gloves and a scarf, because it's all so perfect match! Who else can help make the right choice to a customer, to create a bright image, mildly criticizing her admitted in the selection of clothing errors and praise its special appearance, which, of course, set off yonder cardigan sand-beige? Just another woman - the seller or consultant who not only understands the new fashion trends, but also understands the pesky women's issues - obesity, mild asymmetry in the lines of the figure, the need to combine their own tastes with the severity of her husband ... The selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics - a special ritual. And it's not that women are afraid of male buyers. The man in this ritual only once.

For example, a shoe network "ECONICA" was among the first who noticed how important and special for a woman in charge is the process of selecting and purchasing a new pair of shoes. After all, shoes, being one of the most important accessories that reflect the style of the woman, her secret desires and her mood. And who is not a professional sales consultants female shoe stores, so good ... well versed in women's legs! Did you know, for example, that women's legs in different countries are very different from each other - in structure, the completeness and rigor? To know all about the product and about the client, not enough to be a good seller. You need to have a certain specialization - it will truly understand the intricacies and details.

"Specialization is really big and noticeable international trend - confirms the director of marketing network" ECONICA "Irina Chechel. - We've always wanted to create a place where any woman could feel comfortable: choose shoes for hours and remeasure all that pleasant or, conversely, to get a quick advice and assistance in the selection, if no time for shopping at all. Saving time, modern women, we offer ready-made solutions trend, complementing sets collection of footwear and accessories. But knowing how Russian women important is the selection process and how they are demanding to the quality and appearance of the shoes - is rare in any country of the world, women are more carefully choose a new pair! - We try to interiors to create an atmosphere where no one and nothing could stop them enjoy their purchase. "

In the spring of 2011 "ECONICA" has decided not to pursue all the rabbits, to abandon the male range and thus focus on beautiful women customers - active, stylish and demanding. It is these women and form a new trend in recent years, forcing producers and sellers to guess about what the woman wants.