"Home Moms": happy together
 Good events are attracted to each other. Here wearer social network for parents' country Moms "almost simultaneously celebrated three holidays. First of all, June 2 project turned six months. During this short period of life I have made many important achievements. And the main proof - 30,000 registered users! By the way, this mark "Country moms" reached on the Day of Russia. Here you have the triple anniversary in June.

"Home Moms "- This is no ordinary project for parents. The fact that he works in a narrow friendly circle that is closed to the public - only to registered wearer. A bit unusual, huh? However, mums "Home Moms" it does not seem strange. On the contrary, the site no strangers, only your friends, with whom you like the playground or in your own kitchen, you can discuss what you're worried about not exposing it to show. After all their problems, you will never share with strangers - only to those who understand and will help the council.

What is so attractive resource for parents? Why is the number of applications for "certificates" in the "Home Moms" is constantly growing? "Home Moms" - a resource for positive communication, the exchange of useful information and experience. Who is not with the other moms, you can discuss current problems and everyday joys associated with their crumbs. Moms can do it in the papers, diaries, groups that allow you to find and communicate with like-minded even in a narrow range. The site is interesting implemented regional aspect. At the request of the mother can communicate both with women from different countries, and only with their mothers in their region - the city or the country.

Our mother is with great pleasure the child keep a diary, recording to different information. Each note can be accompanied by a photograph, which automatically enters the individual photos of the child (ren). No mother has not left unattended calendar pregnancy and the first years of a child's life, where you can learn all about the development of the baby from the moment of conception up to two years.

"Home Moms" - is an extremely useful resource for parents. Here you can find many useful articles and news, get a free medical consultation in various fields, pass a psychological test, place ads for buying and selling children's clothes (strollers, cribs, etc.).

Become a member of "Home Moms" by invitation only. Come on www.stranamam.ru and leave your email address. From time to time we come free invitation, so there is a chance that you will get a "passport" to reside in the country of happy parents and kids. Welcome!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya