Life with a clean slate
 I want something new, bright and stunning? You dream start with a clean slate, and you were holding something, for example, the secondary gain? Perhaps it is time to become more confident and start to build a happy life, using the knowledge and, of course, one hundred percent faith in yourself and your success. Know that you are worthy of the most dizzying success in all walks of life!

1. changing internal

Admit it: the power - to you! Admit it, finally, what is your uniqueness, your wisdom and strength of women - in you! It is only necessary to learn how to use it, and soon she will be surprised how to change your life.

So girls, you can, of course, the clock transmitted greetings complexes together thanked for the "marvelous" setting of parents, teachers, or anyone else. Only it you want? Why spend time and energy on something that will not charge you a positive ?! Do you want to change? Let go of the past! Learn to forgive. By forgiving, you break up with a "priceless" collection systems, purchased or donated by itself a reason. Of course, you can not blame others for what you in due time "reward" for a complete picture of worthlessness, and can be a big girl, and finally run its own program of vibrant transformation.

Fight fire with fire, so that the crosses minus vertical "magic wand" and get a plus. You feel uncertainty in their own abilities? As often as possible to pronounce the affirmation: "I am confident." Do not feel embarrassed or own a beautiful body? Learn to ignore the dignity of the figure and admire them out loud (believe me: you have to be proud of!). Your affirmation: "I am beautiful, I have an amazing figure! ". And every time I look in the mirror, focused exclusively on what you like in yourself! So you programmiruesh yourself up for success. It is in fact effectively only have to work. You worked for years to the opposite result, which took root in your mind and subconscious. Who is going to build again.

You can draw a parallel with the repair: to make the room "candy", will have to throw out the trash, to disrupt the old wallpaper, for example. It is difficult to imagine that, instead of the dusty "beauty" there will be classrooms. Only "clean" space and plastered walls can be glued wallpaper favorite color, choose stylish furniture and hang curtains juiciest shades according to the latest fashion trends. You deserve the very best, so you have to try that!

 Life with a clean slate

It is believed that, putting things in order in the apartment, you put things in order and in their personal lives. By the way, by "bringing order" here refers to the complete "inventory" followed by disposing of trash. So no "rearrangements" from one place to another! Do you want to change? Forward! How many years you have not put on these new characters podnadoest, skirts and sweaters? Do not remember? Excellent! We collect and give to those who really need them. For example, to charity. Believe me, you're unlikely to want to defile in things, if before that they did not cause you a strong desire to show off in public.

Do you think you will wear this dress when grow thin? And how much time do you have about that? Give it to her younger sister, and when it grow thin, buy yourself the most spectacular dress, a hundred times better! Clothing should be such that you would like it! Suppose you will have everything just the most beautiful!

A revision of cosmetics. 22 shades of lipstick and all kinds of lip gloss - it is certainly nice, but that's just the expiration date of the "wealth" has the ability to come to an end. Restrict two-three favorite shades - those who are really in vogue. The same is true, and all kinds of creams, lotions and other Arsenal modern girl. Do not buy tons of cosmetics - better activity increases self-esteem, and enjoy life!

 Life with a clean slate

3. To change the appearance

Experiment! Let the "fashionable" change - it is so inspiring and uplifting! Always wear jeans? Buy yourself a fashionable short skirt, and, certainly bright colors!

Go to the stylist and attention to detail a new image: trimming bangs, straighten hair or make frivolous hair, change hair color or highlights cheer up "solar flare".

Instead of ballet today give preference to sexual studs.

Replace matte lipstick neutral shade on the "delicious" shiny lip gloss with a fruity aroma.

Used to wear a tail? Dissolve the hair and "decorate" hair barrette with exotic flower.

In practice, do not remove your earrings stud? Treat yourself to a glamorous volume earrings or ring style R`n B. Add a pair of bracelets, and your sexy bow - ready!

Stable extension you use black ink? Try a different brand of ink volume, for example, the mysterious blue-violet color, delicious chocolate and intriguing green.

Instead of the usual buy underwear set sexy lace, bold colors and, of course, with a corset. Choose a seductive thongs or bikinis.

Leave tights in the closet. Sexy stockings - what you need!

In the morning, you prefer to exclusively lemon tea or coffee? Meet new morning his happy life with a glass of orange juice and crispy croissant.

Change the usual route to work and back, leave a couple of stops early and enjoy a stroll.

Let spontaneity in their lives, have more confidence in myself and be happy!
Author: Hope Cherepenina