Make your sex life more diverse. Part two
 Why Valentine's Day is celebrated only once a year? After all, every day can be filled with love and affection for each other. The natural modesty often stops women from experiments in the sexual sphere, and because men are attracted to the novelty of it, is impossible to predict the behavior of a new partner and sensual pleasures. Making your sex life more diverse, it is possible not only to keep the fire of love, but also to give it flare up even more.

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Intimate hair removal
Many women refuse intimate hair removal due to pain. However, once only once in the hands of an experienced master and enjoy all the advantages of this procedure, women often become permanent clients of salons offering this procedure. Also a big plus in terms of hygiene intimate hair removal gives an unforgettable experience, both the woman and her partner.
After this procedure, a sense of touch skin to skin, both during foreplay and during penetration take on special urgency. It was after a deep intimate hair removal, many women, finally, allow partners to please them cunnilingus. And I understand that knowingly waives those sensations.

Freedom and pleasure
During warmer months, you can experiment with new sensations and make the partner a little jittery. To enjoy the feeling of freedom and sharpen their sensory perception must be discarded for one day ... from underwear. The feeling of air flow the most sensitive areas of the skin give a new level of perception itself and its appeal.

For this experiment you will need a not too short and do not show through the skirt, blouse of opaque fabric and a light jacket. Already crossed the threshold of the house of his imaginary forgetfulness can notify the partner. This can be done at a meeting at lunchtime or in the evening at a party. The situation can be any, but the reaction partner is likely to be one and the same. Checked times - as long as a man will not be able to squeeze your partner's arms, he simply will not find a place for himself.
This adventure brings together partners as wearing a veil of total secrecy and forbidden pleasure. As a result, little lady prank invariably develops into sensual pleasures hot night. If this seems too risky gamble, you can try using a more rigorous silhouettes skirt or blouse closed as much as possible. But try still stands!

 Make your sex life more diverse. Part two

Extreme adventure
If a man is ready to experience a thrill, then it is possible to offer to play a game whose meaning lies in lovemaking in four different locations within five to ten kilometers from your location. For example, if you stay in a boarding house, then such places can be the sea, the beach, the pool and some nook in the building of the boarding house. If a man and a woman are in the city, it can be four different his district. It does not matter whether it is an apartment of friends, in a hotel room or public place, the essence of the game is that it does not have to be the usual options for lovemaking.

It's quite a risky venture, but that feeling and when it will be very sharp, because here combine imagination and organization of its implementation, making love in public places and the risk of being seen. The car in the train compartments, making love in the garden in front of the window, the options are plenty. The main thing - this game should please both, do not create a problem for other people and give pleasure from the feeling of risk and innovation.

 Make your sex life more diverse. Part two

Sex toys
For some reason, assumed that sex toys are designed mainly for young couples, for those who have aged more conservative and hardly dare to experiment. But it is couples have been married for more than one year, the use of sex toys can help rekindle the fire of passion. And though at first they will be the most innocuous, such as condoms with various antennae for additional stimulation of sensations or decorative feathers for erotic massage.

If the pair will appreciate these toys, their home range can vary with time. We just need to make sure that these toys were not available for the rest of the family. This will prevent partners from unnecessary embarrassment about sex, and become only their secret, brings together and encourages new experiments. If a barrier to the use of sex toys is the reluctance to visit sex shops, with the help of the Internet, you can safely and confidently buy any favorite products sex industry.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because a sexual relationship with a partner should bring only joy and pleasure!
Author: Natalia Biatova