Debunks rumors: 8 examples of how the truth turns out to be untrue
 The science of preservation and extension of the beauty and health - the most controversial area of ​​human knowledge. And even today, when countless studies conducted in the field of cosmetology, many still fall under the influence of common "myths" and "legends"

Sometime in the past (in fact, a few years ago) is slowly spreading misinformation about a healthy lifestyle. Not today. "The Internet made it possible for people to send any e-mail list of the wild stories that spread across the globe within hours", - says Mikhail Uvarov, the creator of the Web site to expose the false rumors on the e-mail. But relax: the majority of these frightening stories collapses a list of your incoming messages, misinterpret facts or embellish the truth.

Desoldering 8 glasses of water a day

In 1945, the American Board Food and Nutrition Board, said that people should drink eight glasses of fluid a day. Soon, most of us believed that the need to drink eight glasses of water a day in addition to the usual normally eaten and drunk.

Contrary to general opinion, the color of urine is a sign of dehydration, says Karasev Vera, MD, an employee of the Medical University: "If you are thirsty, you should drink." But do not overdo it. Excessive consumption of the liquid may cause hyponatremia, decreased sodium concentration in the blood plasma, which is quite unpleasant and dangerous.

Stress contributes to graying hair

Who does not believe that stress can affect the condition of your beautiful hair? Yes, almost nobody.

Truth: strong stressful situations make us grow old both inside and outside, it increases the number of free radicals, release of molecules that attack healthy cells and increases the flow of stress hormones in the body. Despite this, no scientific study has proven that stress contributes to the development of gray hair. Gray level is dependent on genetics. And let's face it: when you start to turn gray, then cover it up is not difficult, thanks to the wide range of modern hair.

Reading in dim light ruins eyesight

This is a healthy and normal concerns of all mothers - or reading in dim moonlight will spoil vision.

Truth: reading in dim light can strain your eyes. You put yourself at risk of strabismus, which can also be the cause of headaches. But you do not incur long-term danger.

Vyshi tired eyes can become dry and weak, and even can make vision less clear, but a good night's sleep always helps them recover.

Coffee is really bad

Half of the population every morning dreaming of a cup of coffee, but it is disastrous effect on the body. Not true.

The truth: too much coffee can cause nervous excitement, but your daily habit, and brings a lot of benefits. Coffee is collected from plants that have beneficial phytochemicals that act as antioxidants. One set of antioxidants increases the sensitivity of insulin, which can reduce the risk of two types of diabetes in people drinking coffee in small sips. Harvard study of more than 125,000 coffee drinkers have shown that women's risk of 2 types of diabetes is reduced by 30 percent. Other studies claim that coffee consumption reduces the possibility of developing Parkinson's disease, colon cancer, liver cirrhosis and gallstones. Coffee consumption also supports the work of the brain. And, despite the jolt of energy it provides, the coffee does not affect the heart.

Two or three cups a day - an acceptable norm for most people. But if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, better to eliminate coffee from your diet or switch to the samples that do not contain caffeine. If you are pregnant or suffer from low calcium, ask your doctor about the best option brewing coffee for you.

Fresh is always better than frozen

All scientists shout about the benefits of antioxidants, their mantra sounds "eat more fresh fruit and vegetables", pushing the frozen food into the background.

Truth: frost can be no worse than fresh foods as fruits and vegetables, the previous content of nutrients and minerals during the freezing cold they just blocked.

Eggs raise cholesterol

In the 1960s and 1970s, scientists linked blood cholesterol with heart disease and eggs (high cholesterol) were considered the worst enemy.

Truth: The egg contains only 1.6gr saturated fat, comparable only with 3g in a glass of 2% milk. And 213mg cholesterol contained in one egg, Medical Association recommends consuming no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. Eggs contain lean proteins and vitamins A and D, as they are economical and useful. So if you eat an egg for breakfast, just make sure not to exceed the rate of cholesterol delivered to other products. "

Being out in the cold, you can catch a cold

That may be true, because your mother always said. True?

Truth: Mom was wrong. Cooling does not injure your immunity unless you are cold to the point that the protection of the body is destroyed, and it may occur as a result of hypothermia. The reason that some people get cold in the winter can stay in confined spaces, vulnerable to the spread of cold viruses. Staying warm can not prevent colds, but staying in a vigorous, joyful state can. Studies of the University have shown that positive people are prone to colds by 13% less than gloomy.
Author: Ann, New York