Master of his craft
 Armed with exotic potions and iron energy, the Canadian computer genius is developing a new area - skin care.

When the owner of the Toronto Truax Brandon (Brandon Truaxe) decided to start a company to launch a luxury care products for skin, he did what many before him have done. He began to search for the miracle ingredient. Hoping to achieve the same success as great brand La Mer, whose specialties seaweed extracts are recognized as saviors of the skin, or SK-II with his so-called complex Pitera, he scoured the globe in search of the long-awaited big discovery. But after a visit to the research laboratories of Salzburg, Austria, he pointed to Hong Kong and the vineyards of the Tuscan village of Monteriggioni - so it was a baptism of fire. "It was really hard to accept it," - he says - "but most had no magic bullet."

Instead Truax has collected more than 120 exotic and most interesting pieces in the various markets and has teamed up with scientists, including Ramallah Adel (Adel Rammal), who has worked with Christian Dior, to make sense of everything going on. The next two years are spent studying everything from algae and plankton to the Canadian African grasses and leaves of trees. The result was Euoko, a line of skin care products, which consists of 24 funds have reached the threshold Bergdorf Goodman.

 Master of his craft
 Products of the line Euoko designed to protect the skin.

Brand divides its products, rather, not by the type of skin and for your concerns, and each agent is making the statement. All five categories: W whitening, P - to protect, A - acne, Y - for youth and R - for radiance - contain rare, highly concentrated active ingredients. The P-40 Watermelon Defense Kalahari watermelon extract contains protection against environmental factors, and the Y-30 Intense Lift Concentrate - synthetic complex, which is identical to the chemical structure of snake venom and acts like Botox - a substance that paralyzes the muscles. Smoothing wrinkles cream oligopeptide in Y-40 Blueprint Resculpting Cream is extracted from the seeds of okra.

"Despite the novelty and modernity, is a very serious line with strong components and serious results," - says Patricia Saxby (Patricia Saxby), vice president and divisional sales manager cosmetics and perfumery in Bergdorf Goodman, who asked his colleagues to test the line Euoko before you put it up for sale. "I've never seen this: a few days after the purchase means people came to me and talked about ongoing and already noticeable changes. And it caused a great deal of pride, that there is still someone like Brandon, who does not ripen in the industry, but who It has a great passion for it and thus creates the brand of their dreams. "

Indeed, this 29-year-old reckless man can confidently be called the impresario cosmetics. He had an itinerant childhood - from Cyprus to Canada - before the opening of several computer companies. At 20, he sold his software company and has invested $ 400 000 in Euoko.

Summary Truax includes one very brief, though, a very important point when working in the world of beauty, thanks to which he realized that often there is a huge disparity between the cost of production of cosmetics and retail prices. "I thought, if consumers are willing to pay so much money, why not think through and carefully select each component of the product, regardless of the cost of raw materials?"
Author: Ann, New York