Meeting at the summit
 Are you sure that finally met the one and only. And even managed to charm him. You have agreed to meet again, and now you will have the most exciting romantic date in my life. You should not be nervous. Just trust intuition and good ... to prepare for the day "X".

5 components of the perfect date

Outer side

In an effort to look more than ever, beautiful, be careful. Overdo the make-up is very easy. It is unlikely that your chosen one like scarlet lipstick, which at the first kiss smeared on your faces. And, most of all, he did not appreciate the four layers of mascara volume from which you have watery eyes. But even tone the face, slightly tinted eyelashes and eyebrows trim line will produce a decent impression.

Appropriate to the occasion hairstyle should be natural. This means that jumble of pins and plenty of hairspray leave for the New Year carnival. Today, pay attention to the elegant styling: smooth shiny hair, romantic curls and braids.

Do not forget about the manicure. Trim nails - a mandatory attribute of a beautiful girl. And although manicured nails any color nail polish will look good, try to choose a gentle shade. And the best thing to do jacket - stylish, elegant and versatile option.

Walk-in closet

All the girls know how difficult it is to choose an outfit for a date. But, in fact, no need to wrestle with. The easier and more convenient to wear, the more comfortable you will feel, and therefore perfectly spend time. So, try to avoid overly tight pants or skirts in which the terribly even sit on the bench, not to mention the fact that more or less densely dinner. Give up too daring neckline and norovyaschie expose your great personality. And also think about how to keep warm if you're going to walk through the night in the city. When planning to spend time at a nightclub or restaurant, on the other hand, we should not be warmed.

  Do not radically transform. For example, from a girl who prefers sports style, suddenly transformed into a vamp. A new friend may simply not understand such experiments.

If you want to add the image of femininity, put on elegant earrings or bracelet. But do not remove the light on all the contents of their boxes - it is not exactly come in handy, like my mother's necklace with diamonds. Invoke the aid of good taste and sense of proportion.
Shoes can afford absolutely any but uncomfortable. Suffering from the blood and erased from the fossilized leg fatigue will deprive you of all hope for a magical evening.

Another danger - this perfume. Of course, you should turn his head, but not in the literal sense of the word. A rare man can withstand heavy oriental, tart and sweet smells, so stop on a light flower varieties in low concentration.

  Safety measures

If a young person - unrestrained romantic, be prepared for the fact that he will try to win your heart unconventional approach to business. For example, calls you to ride a horse or make a parachute jump. Protect against injury here will help common sense and reasonable caution. If you get into a similar situation, do not panic, but do not lose vigilance. Clearly follow the instructions instructor and observe safety precautions.

Well, if you happened to be a friend of the foodie, be doubly attentive. It is not necessary to abandon the proposal together to try Thai food. It is only necessary in advance to insure their digestion of negative consequences. Use for this special preventive drugs such as Lineksbio. It provides reliable protection of the intestinal microflora, helping to maintain its status normal. Risk their well-being, especially on such a day, you're nowhere.

The Art of Communication

"Make-up and choose the shoes - too to me the difficulty! "- You will say - but if we have nothing to say?". Give here a list of those we do not. It is enough to understand that the communication with the pleasant but new to you people were laid-back, should observe a few basic rules. For example, whether as discreetly as possible in their statements. Most likely, you do not know how a person relates to cats, he thinks about religion and what position in relation to national minorities. This is thus limited to neutral, best okolokulturnymi themes. Music, movies, read books - excellent sources of topics for conversation.

Be careful with jokes - they are in any case should not be vulgar or rude. Even if your friend does not mind ambiguous anecdote to tell, to follow his example is not necessary. Perhaps because it simply hides his own awkwardness.

And most importantly, what should not be forgotten - before you say anything, you need to think, preferably twice.

On a romantic wave

In recent days, you've thought a lot about his new relationship, discuss them with my friends, wondering, dreaming. And, like, things are going great, but the excitement did not appease. You suddenly start to think that does not work, and make you look stupid? Do not worry, this state on the eve of important events is quite natural. To restore emotional balance and not worry about nothing, take advantage of herbal remedies. For example, Percy helps to relieve the symptoms of stress and prevent you lead an active lifestyle.

Going out on a date, the mood itself in a positive way. Remember that your friend is going through, and also preparing for a meeting with you. Surely he remeasure a dozen shirts, shoes cleaned three times and has already convinced himself that looks just awful. So, you're in the same position.

But before leaving the house, when you already look like a million euros, allowed himself to relax and enjoy the evening.
Author: Svetlana Bogaudinova