Reach for the stars, or how to become beautiful and it always remain!
 Who said that you can not reach the stars ...
Andrei Gubin

Looking at the pages of glossy magazines, the covers of which shine with a dazzling smile exquisite beauty of indeterminate age, though the shine than a dozen years, we used to with a certain degree of envy are thinking: why do not I? And then explain themselves: Now, if I were a star of the screen with the same income, the services of the best experts in the field of cosmetology, fitness, plastic surgery, nutrition, etc., then I would have shone a perfect beauty!

But, in fact, many recognized the beauty of nature has a modest appearance, and the "golden rain" fees not immediately rushed to their heads. Many of the stars and their beauty, and their success have created yourself, having a difficult way of life, is not always strewn with roses.

A striking example of the star, made himself the ideal woman - Demi Moore. Who would have guessed in distant 70s of the last century, looking at the clumsy girl with a short nose, and even cross-eyed that sees a future sex symbol generation. Due to the ridicule of others above her appearance, Demetrius (because in those days was called Demi) even tried to commit suicide, and only his mother and stepfather allocated funds for surgery to correct strabismus.

After high school, future movie star fled to Los Angeles, where she was a lucky meeting with Natalia Kinski, who took her under his wing. And began work on yourself and your appearance - change the nose shape. Demi began acting in commercials. Then there were a bad marriage to musician Freddy Moore, who, in addition to a beautiful family, and had a more pernicious addiction to alcohol and drugs, and divorce, and treatment in the clinic. But apart from that, it was also a vain desire to become a star and beauty. And it has become! and a successful movie star and recognized beauty, wife and mother of three daughters.

 Reach for the stars, or how to become beautiful and it always remain!
 Demi has never been afraid to change ourselves, about her plastic surgery was legendary, it increases and decreases breast, liposuction, achieving perfection. After 40 years it had lymph drainage massage, braces, deep facial cleansing, sessions of mesotherapy and Botox injections, collagen injections in her lips.

And in the intervals between operations and highly effective cosmetic treatments like Thermage (Thermage) and Fraxel (Fraxel) (Rumor has it that these progressive methods of rejuvenation tried to imagine actress) Moore is interested and hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches). With their help, it cleans your body of toxins.

Any beauty, both natural and artificial, requires care and ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain, especially if its creation took so and material costs, both physical and mental. So, do not neglect the services of Demi Moore and nutritionists, and physical activity. Is Demi personal trainer and physical instructor Rob Parr. He reached for her nutrition program and a set of exercises that help to keep the figure of the actress at the highest level.

Well, of course, a diet! Menu with low fat and high in carbohydrates, plus freshly squeezed juices - the main component of success, anyway, so she says Demi Moore. And I'm willing to believe that a healthy diet and juice, not just plastic, helping to keep the star beauty and youth. After all, according to nutritionists, fresh juices have a lot of advantages over the vegetables and fruits. Their active substances quickly get into the blood and immediately begin to "clean": The unnecessary toxins, improving the functioning of the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin, and it can not affect the appearance.

Well, of course, your own personal set of physical exercises. All of these exercises she is doing 25 to 50 times with the weighting.

1. The main desk. Legs slightly wider than shoulders, toes out. Back straight, hands on hips. Squat, so that the knees are level with the ankle.

2. thighs. Lying on his side, the lower leg bend at the knee and the upper and lower slowly lift. Roll over on the other side and lying in the same position, lift the lower leg. Repeat with the other leg.

3. Lunges forward. Stand with feet together. Take a step forward - one foot in front of another. The one behind, stretched and bent at the knee. Bend your front leg standing hook to knee was aligned with the ankle. Get down on one knee as long as you can. Return to starting position.

4. Sit on a chair, feet on the floor. Take a dumbbell in your hands and keep them slightly behind your heels. Lean forward so that the chest lying on the thighs. Raise your hands, palms inward (elbows bent) blades to mix up until hands are at shoulder level. Wrists - straight and palms have to look down. Then, raise your hands up, as far as possible. Freezes for a few seconds. Now go back to the starting position. Back and neck straight.

5. The position reclining on the bench. Feet flat on the floor. Take two dumbbells (Demi - 4 kg each). Hands pull up (palms facing each other). Keep your elbows slightly bent. Lower the arms down so that they are perpendicular to your body, and elbows - below the level of the bench. Movement flowing, back straight.

6. For the abdominal muscles. Lying on his back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Pull in your stomach muscles and lift both arms to a height of a few centimeters from the floor.

Whatever this is the secret of the magnificent appearance of Demi Moore - in plastic surgery, diets, workouts, iskusstnom make-up, or in combination of these measures - I think this woman is cheering. She made herself!
Author: Olga Travleeva