Cosmetics - to give charm, not age
 In make-up artists to create different images - the same resources. Even in the absence of special means they are capable of using the contents of cosmetic wear out an ordinary woman's face or make it younger, give it a mystery or mischief, because they know how. Dark shadows in the crease of the upper eyelid - his eyebrows are raised above the deep meaningful look experienced seductress, the same thin strip of shade on the lower eyelid - sad lyrical gaze of the artist in a dreamy haze. And what do we do with your face?

Firstly, those are wrong who think that they are only one kind of makeup. Because I do not like cats, only those who do not know how to cook them. How wrong are those who believe that if the harsh bright arrow on the upper eyelid had to face in the 16th, they will decorate it (person) and 35. In addition, the fact that 16 - provocatively and brazenly, 35 looks as an attempt to "young", and it does not paint a woman.

Garish make-up really young But it is unlikely to decorate the 40-year-old woman in the blue shadows of our racks, since the days of the Soviet Union has taken root, stereotypes ladies barmaid. In 20 years - can be in 40 - old. There are other ways to "reset" itself a couple of years by a cosmetic, it is necessary to choose the right tools.

The first note, the conditions in which you are engaged in face . If you own corner in a room designed for the toilet, then arrange it more light, mix incandescent lamps with fluorescent light in the dressing room at the actress. If possible, apply makeup in daylight. So you can not go wrong, because in the daytime lighting is different, it depends on the weather and the time of year. If all the make-up takes place in the bathroom or in the darkened hallway, I remember a few rules of lighting:

1.   Fluorescent lighting (fluorescent) give only the illusion of sunlight: in fact they are rays of blue as an ocean wave, and make the face pale. Therefore, every woman wants to see himself in the mirror in this light, apply a little more tone tan, "browned face" and all day after this woman looks like smoked chicken.

2. Incandescent lamps (conventional lamps in chandeliers) have the effect of yellow and when bad light smudge from the sponge on the cheeks: it seems that the tone is applied evenly, and leave to the street - and now they divorce. When light bulbs invisible boundary tone application (mask effect), this must be remembered.

3.   The lamp is located on the top and rear of the face darkens in the mirror and we risk to miss the wrinkle or asymmetry eyeliner eyes. Lamp side will show us only half of the face. Light directed at you precisely on top of "eat" the lashes, and they will be tempted to "repaint" the same thing with his eyebrows.

4.   Ideally, light should illuminate the face of the front and from above: as if a small tube attached directly above the mirror. If this is not possible, then the lamp at the time posed between the face and the mirror, much better than the light from the chandelier above his head.

Foundation - a lifesaver for mature women.   However, if a "miss" with halftones can spoil the effect. It's not about "light-dark", but about colors: the two seem to be appropriate in tone is necessary to choose the one that is warmer.

Too dark, too, will add blush age But even the dark (and sometimes without them in any way) can be applied in such a way that the person will benefit. Clearly marked cheekbones, we are "gaps" cheek, turn the effect of a thin, elderly persons. Therefore, they should be better shade. Bright blush peach hue designed to emphasize the youth, however, and they need to be alert: a bit too much, and we are like rosy doll.

The older the woman, the more shades of brown shadow she distinguishes.   Natural natural shades difficult to criticize, but they are warm and cold, and thus may be suitable or not. Each of us is able to carry out testing of foundation on the skin of the hands, but somehow we did not realize in the same way to test and shadows. The skin of the face and back of the hand and really look like, so you can imagine how the shade will look on her face.

The woman, wearing his appearance in cool colors, warm brown, terracotta, can inadvertently create the effect of tired eyes: what to brunette - red-brown on blonde - just red. A decorated with "warm" Woman shadows cold shades of brown, can degrade complexion: inappropriate, unnatural color nuances on the eyelids bring the subconscious to believe that the girl was something sick.

Few can rejuvenate its image with the help of a lipstick or lip gloss.   Bright is associated with youth, but is not for everyone. So nothing prevents us to stay on your favorite shade, giving it the charm of a small amount of nacre. However, super-mirror-iridescent shades do not decorate a mature woman, all these reflections and sparks fit and appearance and character of young girls, but do not carry the youth. Delicate color and moderate gloss - this is what we must be guided by choosing a lipstick that will not add years and we do not look like a grandmother molodyaschuyusya.

Another important point that is being hidden insidious manufacturers Advertising: even the most stable foundation can not "live" on the skin more than 4 hours . Otherwise, it will clog the pores. The handbag every charmer must be "outdoorsy field" set, which is able to tweak the "beauty" throughout the day. Because the tone evaporates crumble and slide down the shade, lipstick, too, "melts" and remains on coffee cups, a woman is not familiar?

The myth of superstoykoy cosmetics akin to the myth of eternal youth and beauty That's why it is so widely used by advertising geniuses. The woman never cease to believe in these myths, until the end of his days will try to implement them, including through the makeup. Why not do it properly?
Author: Lucy Soprano