Foot care if you have dry skin
 Beauty legs is determined not only form, but also the presence of smooth skin. Unfortunately, the owners of dry skin to achieve more complex than the others. As after any hair removal treatments or water treatment, there is always a feeling of tightness of the skin or itching. But do not despair. You can always find a way out.

I also suffer from the fact that I have dry skin on the face and arms, and legs. So I want to share some ideas on how to make a skin more beautiful and smooth.

The first step on the way to beautiful legs - proper nutrition . And nowhere on it does not go. We - what we eat. Therefore, do not forget to include in your diet mainly vitamins A and E, and zinc, and fatty acids.

Thanks vitamin A   our skin becomes smooth and soft. It can be found in carrots, pumpkin, mango, spinach, apricots, etc.

Lack Vitamin E   It can lead to the appearance of dry skin and pruritus. Its main suppliers are nuts, grains, vegetable oils.

Fatty acids   nourish the cells that are directly under the skin layer. These substances can be found in fish and vegetable oils.

Important vitamins and minerals can be found in multivitamins.

The second point, You need to drink plenty of fluids . We all know how important water is to our body. But somehow it always neglected. Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses per day.

This is how the inside can make a contribution to the beauty of the exterior. Let's move on to how you can help our skin look beautiful on the outside.

Caring for dry skin:

1.   Never take hot baths, since they only dried. With this type of leather is best suited shower. But if you absolutely want to soak in the bath, do not make the water too hot.

2.   If you do decide to take a bath, add the liter of ordinary milk or a couple of tablespoons dry. Milk contains acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells, and milk protein moisturize the skin. And as a result - the skin soft and silky legs.

3.   Moisturizing Lotion. Do this immediately after the bath. Do not put it on too wet skin. If necessary, use the tool twice a day. But oil should be applied to wet skin.

4.   Use soaps and gels, which contain moisturizers and oil components.

5.   Do not abuse the sun. It dries our skin and increases the likelihood of cancer. If you can not hide from the sun, use a sunscreen with a high protection factor, at least, SPF 30. You can use the funds that contain aloe vera to soften the skin after sunbathing.

6.   During the heating season, if possible, use humidifiers.

And now remember, how to shave . We all know how to do it, but not all do.

- Most importantly - a good razor;

  - In addition, as often as possible change of the blade;

- With the help of sponges foot massage. Start with your ankles and move towards the thighs, making a circular motion. This will remove dead skin cells and improve blood flow to the skin;

- Moisten the skin well before shaving;

- Never shave once sat in the bathroom, because the skin may soften and become more difficult to shave. So spend depilation in the first 5 minutes of your stay in the bathroom;

- Do not use soap while shaving. Prefer a special cream, well, or use hair conditioner (you can even the cheapest);

- After application of shaving cream or conditioner, leave it for several minutes. And only then start shaving. And do not forget to moisturize!

Try to cook at home here such lotion . Take 1 capsule of vitamin E and squeeze it into a bowl. Add 1 - 2 tbsp vaseline oil. Mix well, apply to clean skin. Wear tights, pants and socks and go to bed. And in the morning rinse with water. You will be pleasantly surprised. Repeat the procedure until until you are satisfied with the result. Then use your favorite lotion. This structure is equally good for the hands and feet.

Choose funds for the skin that contain lanolin. Since they are best moisturize the skin and keep a sense of comfort for a long time.

Remember that dry skin begins to age before. Therefore, do not run. Start taking care of yourself today, to preserve the beauty for years to come.
Author: Vera Karabutova