Golden rules bronze tan
 Follow these easy guidelines to maintain the status of a goddess of the sun all year round.

Although we all know that too much sun - the situation is harmful, we still can not deny myself the pleasure to get a nice tan. All this implies a healthy skin, which has a gold color tone. To keep a tan without sacrificing your skin, use a bronzer funds that have the same effect as that of the sun.

When choosing a bronzer, make sure it is on your skin is not too orange or matte. Acceptable some flickering; too many twinkling particles can make your skin, especially mature, rough and unnatural. Never buy bronzer more than two shades darker than your skin color.

Use makeup natural colors.   If you use a bronzer - no need to use copper-red or shades of lipstick. Also, do not cover the face bronzer means completely. Instead, use the contrasts that will enhance your skin tone. Simplify your eye makeup: enough to bring the brown or black eye pencil and apply a few coats of mascara. On the lips, use bright colors: coral or red.

When using bronzer, apply a very light foundation or abandon it. Keep the color as natural as possible . Excess number of bases can ruin the effect of bronzer and it will look 'dirty' and artificial. If you feel that you can not do without the basics, try a tinted moisturizer or cosmetics do not use at all.

For oily skin better fit powdered bronzers. If you have dry skin, or if you like the feeling of moisture on his face - choose creams, gels or sticks, to achieve the desired color.

If you use powder bronzer, it is important to have the right brush. A wide, fluffy brush - a win-win. First dip it into the bronzer, and then pat her hand to remove excess powder. Apply the product on the areas to the sun hits first: the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Good rub. For fair skin, use pink shades to create a natural blush.

Cream, sticks and gels must be applied with your fingers. Squeeze a bronzer on your fingers and rub. Then apply it on the cheeks and rub in a circular motion. This work is very delicate. The remainder of the coat the nose and forehead.

The main rule - to "build" the color slowly.   If it so happens that you overdo it with the color, use a dry cotton cloth to remove the excess, or sprinkle the face of special powder to lighten up.