How to choose a color scheme?
 You go to the store and look at first. I want to out the red lipstick, and even here this shade of yellow (also fashionable) and something else to the load. And not the fact that you will approach or those that lipstick shade. Sometimes for hours wondering what color shades to choose, so that he came. Therefore, when choosing makeup is necessary to consider several factors: eye color, skin tone and shape of the lips.

Choose a color for the eye makeup

Eye color: Blue

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   Orange and brown colors combine perfectly with your eyes. Therefore, prefer the shades of gold, peach, pink or brown.

What will not work:   Never make eye make-up in blue and green colors, as it will make your eyes less bright.

Professional Tips:   Blue eyes can look very childish. To get rid of it, try the shade of dark tones. For example, black, dark gray, dark blue, etc. And do not forget to apply mascara.

Your paletka should include:   coral, orange, gold, brown, beige, dark gray color.

Eye Color: Green

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   Lilac suit you (by the way, this season he is one of the most fashionable) and all its derivatives: plum, purple, pink, etc.

What will not work:   Blue shadows. They are too pale.

Professional Tips:   to highlight your eyes, try pink and purple shadows. To make the eyes more green eyeliner, use a dark green color. For evening make-up, select the outer corners of eyes with dark shades: gray, plum, dark blue, etc. This will add brightness and expressiveness of your eyes.

Your paletka should include:   purple, plum, pink, copper color.

Eye color: Greenish brown

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   You can use any shade from brown to gray. Everything depends on you.

What will not work:   no bright colors, because they are too pale to your eyes.

Professional Tips:   to make your look even more attractive, apply a golden-bronze shade and move the eyes with black pencil or eyeliner. Complete makeup mascara gives volume. And you are guaranteed the effect of false eyelashes!

Your paletka should include:   brown, gray-green, khaki, gray-blue, golden color.

Eye Color: Brown or black

What approach:   You come saturated colors that will highlight your eyes. Dark gray, dark blue, brown, black, dark purple, etc.

What will not work:   Any bedding or too bright colors. They are more likely to shade your protein than your natural eye color.

Professional Tips:   To add shine, use a brilliant shade: gold, copper, bronze, silver, etc. And in order to make the look more expressive, use black eyeliner, dark blue or lilac.

Your paletka should include:   dark blue, dark gray, purple, pink, copper, bronze and gold color.

Choose a color to match the skin tone

Skin color: Bright

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   You come pink hues, as they will add luster to your skin.

What will not work:   gold, silver, bronze and other metallic colors, especially during the day.

Professional Tips:   careful approach to the choice of a basis, as it should be with a certain degree of accuracy to repeat your skin color, in the end, you can always add a few strokes to achieve the desired effect. Can use, bronzer, blush or cream finish.

Your paletka should include:   pink, beige and peach colors.

Skin color: pale skin and red hair colors

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   You come peach, red-orange, but in general any kind of color.

What will not work:   pink.

Professional Tips:   People with red hair often pale skin, sometimes with freckles. You come beige or golden beige shade. They will make your way to shine. Never mix color. Prefer makeup in shades of brown and its variations.

Your paletka should include:   peach, copper, coral, red color.

Skin color: dark skin

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   You come pink, brown, copper-colored and metallic.

What will not work:   matt orange.

Professional Tips:   Peach flowers look very well on dark skin, especially when combined with cream-gloss.

Your paletka should include:   coral, copper, red, dark brown, dark red color.

Color and shape of the lips

The shape of the lips: thick lips

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   You can use any color, but the best thing you will look matte and creamy texture.

What will not work:   Avoid extremes (either very bright or very pale colors), as they make your lips even more.

Professional Tips:   to make the lips less full, tracing the contour of 1 mm below the natural line. And then use a little dull and dark colors: brown or red.

Your lipstick color:   pink, brown, copper and burgundy.

The shape of the lips: small lips

 How to choose a color scheme?

What approach:   give preference to light colors as they make your lips visually more. You can safely afford to enjoy the splendor, especially pearl.

What will not work:   nothing too dark, or lips will seem even smaller.

Professional Tips:   Use glitter and pearly lipstick to create volume.

Your lipstick color:   light pink, beige, peach, and other light-colored and transparent.

Choice of color cosmetics is not an easy thing, especially when you want to try something new. Use these tips and maybe you will not spend time on lengthy hesitation and doubt rending.
Author: Vera Karabutova