In the shadow of her thick eyelashes ...
 If the eyes are usually talking about the "mirror of the soul", the eyelashes can be called a perfect frame of this mirror. It lashes give depth look, make the eyes more expressive and attractive. Well, apart from these purely decorative features, eyelashes play a very important role in protecting the eyes from external adverse factors (dust, rain, wind, sun, and so on. D.). So long and thick eyelashes is not only beautiful, but also useful! What are the eyelashes and is it possible to make them longer and thicker, if the nature of the few we cheated?

Hair - discord!

The structure of the eyelashes, in principle, the same as that of the hair on the head, that is, they, like the hair on his head and body on 90% consist of a special protein - keratin. But there is its own peculiarities.

Eyelashes are bristly (a thick, dense and solid than normal) hair, located in 3-4 rows on the leading edge of the upper eyelid and 1-2 rows of the lower eyelid. The root of each cilium is located in the bag - the follicle. End of the root thickened and is called the hair follicle, where the base of the bulb is the connective-tissue papilla, rich vessels and nerves. It is in the hair papilla cells multiply and produce keratin protein that provides the power of hair. At the root of each cilium is 3-4 sebaceous and sweat glands on their "activity" also depends on how thick and length of lashes will. Each follicle during the year "produces" in the light of two or three hairs. Physiologically, during the "life" of each hair ranges from one to three months, and then he falls, and in its place grows a new one.

Long eyelashes can range from 3-5 mm and 13-15 mm, every day a person loses three to five hairs, but at the wrong care or certain diseases can increase the number.

The outer, visible to us, part of the cilia - in fact dead horny skin filamentous derivatives and living part of the eyelashes as other hair - the roots. The color depends on the eyelashes of the pigment melanin, which is located in the fibers and tissues throughout life remains unchanged.

We are working on her eyelashes

The density and the length of eyelashes is inherited. There is almost nothing we can not change, except that a little to improve their condition. But we have a huge set of tools and techniques to transform their appearance, to give the impression of length, thickness, elasticity.


Although black eyebrows and eyelashes was made at the beauties from time immemorial, modern formula carcasses appeared in 1913. It was created by an English chemist TL Williams for his sister Mabel (hence «Maybelline») is a mixture of coal dust with Vaseline.

And 44 years later, thanks to Helena Rubinstein mascara appeared in modern packaging (tube with a brush). Features modern mascara - a thick, water-resistant, with elegant, functional tassels - indeed tend to infinity. It is not just colors, but also lengthens, curls, gives volume, withstands the test of sauna and swimming pool, as well as nourishes and protects.

The mascara composition other than colorant include many useful components:

Castor oil:   It nourishes and strengthens lashes.

Panthenol:   increases the thickness and improves the condition of lashes.

The proteins of wheat germ   (included even in the most inexpensive brand): a beneficial effect on the growth of eyelashes.

Mixed paraffins:   lengthen and give volume.

Melanin:   protection against adverse external influences.

Keratin:   It covers every cilium gentle protective film.

Lanolin:   prevent dryness and brittleness.

Provitamin B5:   strengthens, nourishes and moisturizes eyelashes.

There is now a carcass Collagen True, I do not see how the collagen in the carcass can affect the structure of the eyelashes, but the harm from him is definitely not.

For sensitive eyelids and prone to allergic reactions, there are special hypoallergenic mascara For example, Diopti Control from LIERAC for sensitive eyes.

And of course, almost 70% of success depends on brush form . Brush can be straight, curved, spiral and even with a motor to create microvibrations. Depending on the purpose of the carcass - tighten, thicken and lengthen lashes. Well, except for brushes and need more skill, because of how accurate and confident movement of the hand, depends on the result!

But not only mascara can make our lashes thick and long. For this purpose, specially were created false eyelashes.


False eyelashes are made mostly from natural hair, applied on the basis of the thinnest, different shape and thickness of eyelashes. Using them is easy and convenient. Typically, a disposable eyelash adhesive base thanks to which are attached to the eye. When reusable is necessary to apply a special glue.

Building up

With the development of technology is gaining more and more popularity so-called eyelash. Cilia are tiny clumps or glued on one hair, and do it better in the salon at the good expert. After the procedure, you might say, the jeweler! Capacity "bushes" start with the outer corner of the eye and gradually beam of a beam reach internal. The maximum amount that is placed on the century - 5-6 beams, and can be extended, and a beam from the outer edge of the eye, just to emphasize your own lashes.

The life of eyelash extensions is limited: from 1 to -3 weeks. Each bundle of cilia individually glued with a special glue or resin hypoallergenic, so that the harm done by the correct procedure should not be, but still, if you are prone to eye conjunctivitis, it is best not to risk it.


Eyelashes can not only build, but also to implant the same technology that is used to return the head of hair, balding men. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. On the skin back of the head is a small incision, where are 30 - 40 hair follicles which are carefully transplanted to the eyelids of the client.

Since the transplanted eyelashes have a normal structure of hair, they continue to grow after the transplant, and they need to be cut, curled, or maybe straighten. After all, if nature endowed you with luxurious curly hair, the problems with transplanted eyelashes can not be avoided.

Caring for eyelashes

To lashes remained resilient and healthy for them to care about and to strengthen as well as we try to strengthen the hair. Growth and strengthen lashes promotes a balanced diet. The diet should be present foods containing folic acid, such as spinach, onion, lettuce, liver, kidney, meat, and zinc, which are rich in oysters, peas, egg yolk, peanuts, almonds, walnuts.

We should not forget about the daily care. At first If we paint eyelashes mascara, make-up remover is a neat using specialized tools: emulsion or cosmetic milk. Moreover, if the waterproof mascara, to remove it is better to use a two-phase lotion with oil. Do not rub the skin around the eyes, it is enough to apply the lashes soaked swab special tool, and then gently remove the softened mascara. After purification may be applied to the eyelashes nutrient fortified balms or oil, and a special low-fat eyelid skin creams or gels.

Secondly , Compresses with chamomile (excellent soothing, antiseptic), a decoction of cornflower, parsley, sage, striped, black and green tea.

Third , Nourishing masks from oils and oil vitamins (A, E). The leader in strengthening the efficiency and growth of eyelashes was and is castor oil. In addition, it promotes the growth of eyelashes, if used regularly lashes darker. Apply the oil on the eyelashes can be cotton buds or well-washed mascara brush from the old, trying not to get oil on the mucous membrane of the eye.

Can be used for the care of eyelashes special gels for eyelashes with natural herbal ingredients, they are easy to apply, easy to absorb, have, in addition, pleasant scent. Many means are available as a transparent medical mascara with a brush, they are applied to the eyelashes as well as ink.

Regular thorough care using effective drugs and modern and folk remedies may not change the fact that inherent genetics, but, for sure, will solve most problems caused by external factors.
Author: Olga Travleeva