"Skrabat" or "skrabat"?
 "Skrabat" or "skrabat"? Here, as they say, is the question. The answer is very simple: of course, skrabat, but we need to know what, and do it right. Therefore it is necessary to know what is being done, and, in general, what it is.

Why is it that we need to use the scrub?   Our skin has several layers, and the uppermost of them - the stratum corneum. And that he has the ability to upgrade: peeled - and again the skin looks healthy and well-groomed, you can even say "new". And in order not to wait when the skin "casts" the old layer itself and become the "new", the scientists came up with the joy of all beauties such means as scrubs. They help to remove the stratum corneum quickly and painlessly. And, of course, let you get an instant result. In addition, after the purification procedure such rest cosmetics (lotions, face masks, etc.) more effectively absorbed into the skin updated.

What is a scrub?   Scrub - a special cosmetics that contain abrasive elements. This fine solid microparticles, such as crushed apricot pits, shells milled cedar or walnut, microscopic plastic beads, mineral particles or sea salt. Scrub cleaning agent can be called, by which such particles removes dead skin cells and various old dirt. But the procedure itself cleanse using a scrub called peeling. After peeling the skin becomes smooth and beautiful, it improves blood circulation.
As a basis for scrubs mostly use a cream, a gel or a cosmetic clay. It is necessary to look for when choosing these funds, since not every base fits a particular skin type. But unfortunately, not all the manufacturers on the packaging indicates for which it is intended. In order not to harm their health and beauty, you need to carefully examine the scrub.

For dry and sensitive skin   suit scrubs on a cream base, but oily skin type or smeshanogo   - Better to choose a tool on the basis of clay - a scrub will help remove the shine and narrows the enlarged pores. Funds for the gel base suitable for all skin types - they are universal. It is necessary to warn the owners of problematic skin (acne) with scrub them to be careful, as there is a high probability of "diversity," "little trouble" across the skin.

Much depends on the "skrabovye particles" that are particularly important and integral part of these funds. They determine the proper direction to use scrubs. For example, sea salt scrubs with a well polished skin means a microscopic plastic bead perfectly massaged it and make it more flexible, and most importantly - do not hurt and therefore more suitable for gentle cleaning of sensitive and dry skin. Scrub with crushed nut shells are more dangerous because they have sharp edges. But they are great for oily and mixed skin, carrying out more in-depth peeling. Better, of course, choose scrubs with plastic particles or sea salt.

What else you need to know to engage the safety? It is equally important to know how often to do the peeling. It also depends on the skin type. Oily skin, such a procedure is needed, and make it necessary to 2-3 times per week, while sufficient for normal skin once. As for the sensitive skin, there will be enough to carry out peeling twice a month or once every ten days.

So, any need scrubs, scrubs any important.

And there are scrubs, not only for the face.   Manufacturers of cosmetics produced scrubs for hands, body, legs, feet, thereby taking care of our beauty from "head to toe". And, of course, they differ among themselves. Facial scrub, for example, is very gentle and contain a small amount of abrasive micro-particles that are more accurate in form, allowing smaller injure the skin. Scrub hands and feet are made on the basis of cream, and they increased the number of exfoliating particles to coarser skin peeling. On a cream or gel-based body scrubs made with larger abrasive particles. Such means for peeling the hands, feet and body better to use 2 times a week - it will be enough for the desired result.

Peeling can be carried out both at home and in SPA-salons, spending a considerable sum, where all procedures are done by a professional for you.

So scrubs - are very valuable tools, and knowing about what they look like, you can safely use them correctly for the benefit of our beauty.

If the package indicates that the product is intended for the body, it is better not to use it for the person. Do not use scrubs -nuzhno experiment intended purpose only.

After peeling applying moisturizing and nourishing agents is highly desirable. Their action is quite efficient. Better polzovatsyaiskrabom the same cosmetic line as other tools that you use every day for skin care. This will avoid unnecessary irritation or incompatibility, and the result will be even more efficient.

Peeling is best done at night, after such procedures and nourishing the skin by means of time to rest and gain strength. Scrub desirable to apply when the skin is to steam, after a bath or shower.

But if you use tanning needs an excellent result, in order that it lies flat and held as long as possible, prior to its application to use the scrub.

Also help scrub and other procedures. If you use it before epilation, it will increase the time of regrowth of hair.

Describing scrubs, it should be noted that the jars and tubes of this tool should certainly be on the shelves in the bathroom.

Let's see what tools peeling manufacturers offer to help us, that we were more attractive.

You can try a facial scrub with a set of "Anti-plus active oxygen" from the series "BLACK PEARL" That gently renew the skin and make it smooth and clean. At constant application scrub "BLACK PEARL" visibly aligned complexion. No less effective means of "clean lines" - cleansing facial scrub on the basis of clay and chamomile extract, which not only cleanse the skin of impurities and remove the hardened cells, but also relieve irritation and improve overall skin condition. Manufacturers mark "100 Recipes of Beauty" They offer facial scrub "oat flakes" that is based on homemade recipes. This is a very delicate product with extract of oats and pellets structurally unstable, which is perfectly cleanse the skin, and were filled with vitamins - the skin becomes smooth and fresh. But for a deep cleansing exfoliation fit «Clean it Up! "Brand" MIA " Containing pellets and special complex components based on fruit extracts, which allows to use it safely, even for women with sensitive skin.

For your hands pamper scrub marks "Velvet Hands" with almond oil and microbeads that gently cleanse the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Also, with such an important task to cope Velvet scrub your hands off "Mary Kay"   with a very pleasant smell of fresh peach.

Feet will stay in a lovely creamy exfoliating scrub for the feet " Exfoliating Foot Scrub »from" Oriflame "   with eucalyptus oil, which will have a stimulating and refreshing effect and polishing particles are perfectly cope with the task assigned to them - gently otshelushat surface skin cells and soften roughened areas. For deep cleaning should try exfoliating scrub for the feet with diamond powder of "Avon". Diamond powder, pumice powder and walnut shell, which are part of the funds will help to cope with this task.

Our body can not be ignored, and it is also necessary to look after. This will Shower peeling "Lotus Beauty" by Nivea rice with butter and delicate scent of lotus. This exfoliating massage effect to create the perfect mood fragrant. In the same excellent assistant will clean scrub marks "red line", which will remove dead skin cells, gently cleanse and moisturize the skin of the body, and essential oils of citrus fruits will have a tonic effect. Scrub "Musk Ice" from "Boots" large particles of salt and scent of musk long sweeping left a good impression. Scrub "Aqua gommage" by "Yves Rocher" perfect for the problem areas of the body: the heels, elbows and knees. Refreshing means grains with a rather soft and moisturizing maple sap.

Manufacturers offer a huge number of scrubs, and choose from such a huge number of very difficult, but not us. Knowing the simple details of the compositions and their purpose scrub, you can easily determine the choice, without harming your health and mood.

Fragrant and procedures useful for you!
Author: Anastasia Raikov