The war with the hair
 More from biology lessons every person knows that hair grows on our body for a reason, and in order to protect us from disease-causing pathogens. Eyelashes - from dust in the eyes, eyebrows - with sweat, her hair in the ears - dirt and so on. It would seem, live and be happy. But almost every woman in his life faced with a choice method of hair removal.

Shave? To this place is no longer grown thin and barely visible hair and thicker and darker shade? Yes, you're right, it's not an option. Begin each morning with shaving your body, like your dad or husband - quite humbling, is not it? But both want to ensure that your skin was so soft and smooth, like a model, throwing himself on the leg handkerchief in advertising.

But do not worry. Breathe in, breathe out. There is a demand, so there will be a proposal. Modern scientists are constantly coming up for us the solution to this little problem. Even now, there are several types of hair removal. Let's talk about them.

Only the beginning I hasten to protect the fair sex from hair removal, if they have at least one of the following diseases   or, if the aforesaid person is waiting for will soon replenishment in the family (otherwise it is bad for the tone of the uterus)

1.   Oncological diseases.

2.   Skin diseases - acute or chronic.

3.   Diabetes.

4.   Varicose veins (ie veins).

5.   Acute forms of herpes (viral diseases with the characteristic rash of grouped blisters on the skin and mucous membranes).

6.   Keloid disease (scar).

7. Infectious diseases.

What? You are absolutely healthy and full of energy? Then go! Read and choose the way to deal with hair that you like.


One of the most effective, but painful way to remove unwanted vegetation on the body. Each reader can imagine the structure of the hair. I just remind you: the follicle in the skin is, the so-called "soil" from which the hair grows. Electrolysis Hair current passes through and getting to the place where it grows, so to speak, "cuts it to the top." The most lasting effect because the needle electrodes destroy hair follicles and hair growth stops. For all other types of hair removal hair growth is restored.

Cons procedure:   long and painful.
Pros:   smooth legs for quite a long time.


On the scalp of your wonderful legs to a short light flashes. The mechanism of the hair removal is as follows: melanin, which is located in the hair shaft, absorbs light from flashes, whereby the hair is heated and remain in it the cells responsible for hair growth, destroyed.

Minuses:   must pass through at least 6 treatments at intervals of two weeks to a month and a half.
Pros:   safe method, procedure lasts only a few minutes, suitable for every type of hair.

Ultrasonic Hair Removal

That's what came progress. Now you can remove the hair with the help of ultrasound and wax depilation! This is done as follows: in the area where you want to get rid of hair, applied a special gel, and then start to work on it with ultrasound. This allows you applied to your skin mass penetrate the deepest layers and the initial phase of hair growth it is not easy to destroy, but to slow further growth.

Minuses:   during the procedure can damage the skin, the result will be visible for at least 12 months

Enzyme epilation

Word what a wonderful, is not it? Enzymes ... But this in a scientific way. And simply put - these are special substances that can be used to destroy unwanted vegetation on your body. After exposure to enzymes, the area of ​​hair removal is subjected to infrared heat. The procedure should take place at least five times, and then to conclude whether this method is effective for you.

Minuses:   procedure is long enough (at least 40-50 minutes) and under the influence of heat,
Pros:   It destroys the structure of the follicle.

Laser hair removal

Hair removal involves using a special laser. The light is selectively absorbed by hair pieces containing the pigment melanin. Thus heats the hair bulb, which destroys it without significant damage to surrounding tissue. Hole former follicle is completely overgrown, and the skin becomes smooth.

Minuses   only dark hair: after the procedure may be redness and swelling of the skin.

Or maybe you do not like one type of hair removal, and choose what you can not? Do not worry, Estheticians gradually come to the conclusion that women will be more in demand combined hair removal . That is, this method will combine the several methods of hair removal. But for such a joy to have to pay more than one hundred rubles.

Closer to you 15 rubles a razor? Or special electric razor? Did you know that after the removal of the hair so that's mechanically appear ingrown hairs? So do not save on their own beauty. Also so nice to feel like a queen impeccable throughout.
Author: Larisa Trishkina