Unisex in cosmetics - is still important!
 Men are increasingly paying attention to their appearance and condition of their skin. And unisex cosmetics was put into production in part more and in order to gradually accustom the men to their cosmetics. Buying unisex cosmetics are believed to manufacturers, men avoid certain embarrassment, because it is not always the man was taken to use cosmetics.

Especially versatile cosmetics played this educative role in Asia and we, in Eastern Europe. Our men, indeed, to this day for some means it is very difficult to teach. And then came to the aid unisex cosmetics. And helped, I must say! But at the same time he is so taken root on our shelves and in our dressing table, that part with it until early. It turned out that she is also very functional, it is often imperative.

Things unisex present on the podium in almost every season. More or less, but it is always there. Only need to use them, in order not to turn into a boring and obscure individuals. And in cosmetics. Manufacturers of cosmetics keep up with fashion designers and stylists, knowing that the trend unisex practically constant and inexhaustible. Products unisex there will likely be a long time, but it does not mean that we become more masculine and feminine men. In cosmetics unisex quite different tasks.

When cosmetics unisex indispensable:

• Do you like joint trips, hiking and traveling. Taking with them some money for two, you can save enough space in your luggage, and no wallet lose weight.

• You are just starting to meet and sometimes remains from each other at night. Very handy to have averaged set of cosmetics and perfume, so that your guests can easily take care of yourself, if you buy the same hygiene. This is also true if you live in a renovated, rented apartment, at a party, when all a little time.

• Cosmetics unisex really great opportunity to introduce new products with a man, and a kind of stepping stone to the fact that he began to use a purely masculine products.

• As a rule, unisex style and cosmetics - is more the lot of young and active. What we are older, we need more personal, and for the young and mobile tools unisex - it is appropriate, useful and relevant.

• Are expensive cosmetics unisex premium, it has become quite popular, and even prestigious. Largely due to the high brands that run unisex product line, eager to please their customers. Fitness centers, beauty salons, business hotels also offer such cosmetics to its customers in the minutes of waiting or resting.

Walk to the shops: Which of the unisex product is now available

Deodorant unisex
Beauticians and dermatologists in one voice warning us to use deodorants for men. Since the mechanism of perspiration and the acidity level we have with several different men, male deodorant we hardly suitable or may do harm. Therefore, if you want to have a common deodorant, choose products labeled strictly unisex. If the manufacturer does not specify that the deodorant is equally good for both sexes, it is best to refrain from sharing. Among the most popular brands unisex deodorants can be noted: Adidas imported deo for men & women, and mild deodorant from Byphasse.

But scented deodorant for feet can be attributed to the unisex products without any doubt. It can be used to deodorize not only stop, but also be applied directly in the shoes, in socks or stockings. As a rule, these products have a nice and sharp smell of freshness and purity. Such deodorant necessary working and active. Try together!

Unisex Perfume
One of the pioneers in the field of unisex fragrances was Jean Paul Gaultier, who proposed a universal fragrance, which instantly became a bestseller. Now Gaultier launches a new, second wave of unisex products. And after it is done by such famous brands as Donna Karen, Gianfranco Ferre. The most famous and salable in our market unisex fragrance from Calvin Klein (One Summer) and Benetton (Cold). These flavors are more relevant as the day for sports, well to use them in the office environment, business meetings and presentations. They are quite vivid and memorable, but at the same time not intrusive. Most fragrances are unisex pleasant notes of vanilla, amber, cinnamon, bergamot. If the flower - the pale shades of field flowers. The real discovery for unisex fragrances was a variation on the theme of tobacco and Tuscan cigars when newly Santa Maria Novella has introduced a new unisex fragrance called Tabacco Toscano.

Unisex Shampoo
Hair problems that concern men and women are completely different. We are interested in the volume and softness, and men care dandruff and hair loss. Therefore unisex products often can not solve all the problems facing them. Universal remedy against baldness and for the volume has not yet been invented. But shampoos for him and it still is. This first, so-called family shampoos mass market. Their main difference - is a universal means "two in one", for frequent use, with natural levels of ph, with the ability to be used not only as a shampoo, but also as a shower gel. And secondly, shampoos, perfumes ensure continuation lines. The latest example here - a brand of cosmetics Gianfranco Ferre, which was launched a whole line of unisex products, which includes not just perfume, but shampoo, shower gel, body lotion. All are united by one fragrance.

Body Care unisex
As has been said, means body care often continue unisex perfume line. They are virtually indispensable in hotels, trains and planes Business Class. This is understandable: you never know in advance who will be the client - a man or a woman, but regardless of this, they must receive excellent service. Some unisex cosmetic lines are the hallmark of an institution. For example, funds for bath and body of unisex Salvatore Ferragamo series can be found at the Hilton and in a set for Singapore Airlines. Many beauty salons offer treatments recently with massage oils-unisex by Jean Paul Gaultier.

But be that as it may, for body unisex there in the mass segment. Usually, it gels and lotions that you can use with the whole family, including children. Such funds have in their arsenal of Nivea, Jonson & Jonson, Palmolive, other popular brands.

Tanning unisex
It is a means of self-tanning can enjoy together. True, most of the men in the skin darker, so it suitable for visible effect more saturated colors. If you also want something "hotter", then feel free to choose one way for two. Your pair will look very impressive, besides modern avtobronzaty - it is also an additional body care: moisturizing and matting male skin does not hurt. The latest offer in the market are unisex tanning special-purpose wipes impregnated means avtobronzata. They are very easy to use, often men are much more popular, as the procedure is as simple as wiping with a towel, without rubbing monotone. In this regard, the most versatile and sprays appear.

Makeup unisex
Incidentally, there are some products. This company has succeeded in Holly & Doss, the diversity of its means of strikes! From a tonal framework unisex up mascara eyebrows and even blush! Of course, if a man is against, then it is not necessary to impose, in all necessary measure. Unless some fun together? Well, you will find interesting masquerade after a romantic dinner by candlelight. Or maybe something to him after such an adventure and enjoy? At least now collected in the morning before the mirror will also together.

Do not be afraid that you will make money unisex uniform and a bit sexless. This is not true. Such tools can help you select the skillful and emphasize individuality and save on their pure female products, and diversify the personal care for your men. Incidentally, 40 percent of European women and men in one survey confirmed that frequently used content beauticians of their halves.
Author: Julia Gnedina