Why is this peculiar eyes?
 Dark circles, narrow lines, swelling - my eyes are a lot, but you do not notice.

Rarely eyes are the mirror of the soul, they generally reflect the internal state of a person. We sat with a candle to the bitter end? Here and there were circles under the eyes. I felt weak, treat yourself to a few glasses of white wine? This is what we told the swelling in the eye area.

Eyes - the first sign of age, fatigue or an unhealthy lifestyle, this is due to the nature of the skin around the eyes. This site is the most delicate skin than others and that the skin around the eyes contains a small amount of sebaceous glands. This primarily means the tendency to dryness and wrinkles.

There are several ways set out below, how to keep the skin around the eyes with fresh, healthy and prevent wrinkles.

Intensive moisturizing

It is not necessary to use different means to care for face and eye area, it is important to remember not to overload these funds delicate skin. Do not overdo it with the use of expensive creams with dry skin can oversaturate them and become too fat. Especially for the skin around the eyes has developed a series of rice grains. Use the tips for choosing the cream of Sally Penford, Manager International Dermal Institute. "Pay attention to the presence of antioxidants They bind free radicals that cause wrinkles. Also, do not forget the sunscreen and anti-aging properties. "

Protection and care

Stress, tension and irritation of the skin may cause harm is delicate eye area. When apply the cream, try to distribute it with the tip of his little finger. Warm fingers will help the cream penetrate without damaging the skin and leaving to supply as much money as you want.

Compact set

We use the example of Victoria Beckham, which is always at hand, some funds. Constant travel, lack of sleep (or oversleeping), polluted the atmosphere, allergies - from all that is possible to get rid of using some simple tricks. Tapping with your fingertips on the skin around the eyes relieves swelling, as well as a piece of ice. Some exercises also help prevent swelling in the area. In your purse should always be some means to care for the skin around the eyes .

Concluding the day, wash off makeup

When you sleep with makeup, it threatens not only stain your pillowcase, and wake up with black stains around the eyes. Therefore, before going to bed you want to remove the remnants of makeup special jelly or other means. If you have a tendency to go to bed right away (after the party, for example), put it on the nightstand wheels with a special gel that right before bedtime to take advantage of them without getting up from bed.


The last thing to remember - whether winter or summer Now, sunglasses are always needed. Still not sure about the content of UV-filters to protect the skin. Always pay attention to the composition of your creams.