Young skin: Problems and Care
 Whatever the age, it is intolerable to have a skin that constantly shines! This is a difficult question, the existence of which proves that the young skin too needs attention!

The reason for oily skin - "physiological disorder", which relates primarily to the sebaceous gland. To overproduction of sebum added thickening partitions pilo-sbéacé channel, poor evacuation of sebum and accumulation of impurities.

To release the fatty skin from all these problems, you must act on all components of the "physiological disorder" (on the reasons for the symptoms and consequences): - normalizing the sebaceous glands - seeking the destruction of impurity, - fighting against microbial proliferation and the risk of irritation, - achieving the disappearance of probable residual traces.

Finally, we must never touch the small eels (not squeeze blackheads, it can favor the inflammation and the appearance of new acne). They will disappear by themselves, as the skin will acquire the balance.

We prove that the daily stress increases the secretion of the sebaceous. Therefore, for the sake of a good skin you need to learn to control themselves, exercise, breathing exercises and sleep. Finally, you need a good food hygiene is an important factor of balance and beauty. The excess spices, alcohol, chocolate or smoked often stimulate the sebaceous glands of the skin.

Home nuisance oily skin - Brilliant aspect caused by the number of sebaceous flow. This type of skin is particularly difficult to make up, as decorative shadows and blush do not stick to oily skin.

The main advantage:   oily skin - a thick skin, the pores of which are more or less extended, but which in this case is stronger than other types of skin aging and mostly slower. Wrinkles appear later, they are less visible than on dry skin.

Meanwhile oily skin is often weakened As detergents when used frequently provoke its degreasing and further worsen the situation, causing dehydration and seborrhea.
Oily skin needs to be cleaned with a soft, non-aggressive and special tools, formulas which allow to reach equilibrium and all that makes the beauty of the skin (the purity and freshness of the face, thin skin texture).

In the sun, for oily skin recommended total protection, as the sun - a fake one . It reduces inflammation, but provokes deeper inlay acne. Oily skin and its problems (acne, oily sheen) and the probability of complications (pimples) most often on the face, shoulders, chest - where the activity of the sebaceous glands is particularly active.

It is common in adolescents during puberty (under the influence of hormonal balance) as well as very often in adults, and can suddenly emerge as a result of big hormonal changes in life, such as pregnancy or menopause.

Oily skin is a space conducive to the development of dangerous microbial flora, which can be a source of infection. In severe cases, a doctor's help.

Cosmetic products for oily skin:

To mitigate the problem of oily skin, it is recommended to use soft cosmetics, hypoallergéniques, adapted to this type of leather, for cleaning, and for makeup. Always low fat.

- Cleanance à l'eau thermale d'Avène   It offers a complete range for young problem skin: gel cleaning without soap, cleansing lotion, removing shine, séborégulatrice emulsion - regulator removes shine, means to destroy blackheads, deterrent moisture, soothing, accompanying treatment of acne.

- Gamma No Imperfection BiSolution des Laboratoires Santé Beauté   equipped with special formulas, adapted to the problems of the skin of teenagers, to prevent the appearance of small flaws, respecting the balance of the skin. These antiseptics soft structure: deep cleaning lotion, gel cleansing lotion, wipes impregnated with cleaning agents, avtopenyaschiysya lotion regulating means for retaining moisture, patch gel.

  -Line Keracnyl des Laboratoires Dermatologiques Ducray   has as a priority the fight against the problems of oily skin: the formulas polyacids line acts on: the causes of seborrhea, the colonization of bacteria and skin irritation: cleaning water, soft cleansing foaming gel regulating cream mask with triple action: stop acne!

  - Five products formulated water-based Cauterets comply with oily skin. They are presented within the line la ligne Cauterets soins purifiants de Galénic:   Water purifying astringent, heals cleansing gel, an absorbent gel agent, removing shine.

- Christian Breton   It offers a high-tech tool that balances the zone T. Hoods fruit is cleaned and leveled the skin. In addition, mica in the composition of funds involves multidirectional propagation of light that gives a velvety matt result.