CrossFit. Quickly and efficiently. Part 1
 Who has not seen the well-known sports brand advertising, which shows training "CrossFit"? This video - a great motivator. It is necessary to look every day several times to those who already want to give up, or who are bored with your workout.

Summer is approached closely. But we are still not ready. Even if you do not have time to tidy himself up for this season, then you can set a goal and conquer the top of the beach the next. Especially since the end of the world such as canceled.

There are many diets and exercise programs. And as always, the choice is yours, because various sporting activities aimed at the elaboration of specific muscle groups, to ensure that the process to make training more interesting and fun. And every year the variety of activities is increasing.

Experts believe that the most effective programs - those that combine elements of stretching, cardio and power load. The system CrossFit owl found the place and weight training and exercises, and much more. The question is whether it is effective and interested.

What is CrossFit?
Krosfit - a cocktail of different exercises. Here and exercise with dumbbells and weights and push-ups, jumping and, in general, a lot of things that helps to develop strength, endurance and coordination. This was done in order to get good results, because during exercise are utilized several groups of muscles. What increases the efficiency of your workout.

This program is designed for all levels of training and offers a combination of various exercises. The farther you move, the higher the speed, more repetitions and fewer interruptions. Understanding that there is always where to go - a great motivator.

The main advantages are Krosfita: large variety of exercises and weights an opportunity to study at home, outdoors, in the gym; you can set your own rhythm itself.

If you are at home, then you need a stopwatch and dumbbells. And you're ready to begin.

 CrossFit. Quickly and efficiently. Part 1

The principle of training
CrossFit develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, accuracy and endurance. All this helps to shape not only the beautiful body, but also confidence. If you do the exercises correctly and listen to your body, this type of workout in a short time will help bring the body back in order.

To make classes less tedious and more efficient, we have developed "Training Day." It is a complex exercise, which must be alternated during the week. If you can not go to the gym and special classes, you can group the exercises so that training benefit the most to you.

Choosing CrossFit, one must understand that his three principles - quality, quantity and speed (and constantly increasing).

Who is this training?
We are all different, with a different state of health, different levels of training and characters. Not all enjoy the cardio and power loads. Therefore, it is important that sports were not obey, and brought joy, and only then the results will be.

People with injuries, heart disease, back, etc. better to consult a doctor. Everyone else in general, can be practiced. Now even launched a group on the system where children are involved in CrossFit.

The idea is great. It can be adopted for those who for some reason can not attend but want to train at home. This competent combination of different types of loads to be confident.

It is important to remember that even doing such a wonderful system without making adjustments in your lifestyle will be difficult to get good results. Even if you exercise does not fit, you can adopt the basic principles and reach your workout plan.
Author: Vera Karabutova