Before fleeing from a heart attack, now many are beginning to run at a young age, such as heart attack More "does not pursue." And the main motivation - to run away from excess weight. And it turns out! You need only learn a few simple rules.

1. Start slowly
The body has to get used to new loads slowly, otherwise the failure and rapid disappointment. If you have never ran and were not engaged in race walking, you must first be engaged in walking. Then move on to jogging (jogging) and only then - to run. If you're used to a good workout, you can start with jogging.

2. Wait a second wind
Everyone wants to enjoy their studies. Perhaps that is why choose yoga and dance as fitness. But if you're trying to lose weight, the main condition - is to constantly improve the load. It's like with diets and unloading days - you just need to survive. And in the race - every stage you need to feel more and more endurance. Of course, not every activity is to force your body. But at least once a week is a new challenge: to run a little more than before. And at each session attempt to train your willpower and endurance, pain tolerance prevailed and continue to run (at least several meters) when you are absolutely sure that you can not run further. The pleasure of completed tasks - no less than from the aesthetic of Capoeira, believe me! But nothing of the effect of weight loss and do not say, obviously.

3. Power for success
Food is very important for the success of your jogging. When you begin to run - you will have more power. It will take a lot of protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. From foods high in fat and calories refuse. This is a major mistake to run, they think that because of their load is quite intense, you can not afford high-calorie foods. This is not true. Of course, you burn a lot of calories while running, but do not turn your body into a warehouse of useless things. For your new activity, these calories are absolutely useless, it's like a bad car to pour gasoline. The car will not start any or all the same break. If healthy eating is the effect of running the most good.

 4. Regularity
In running, it is important to stick to the selected mode of training. Absenteeism, suffer developments in stamina and muscles have to get used again to the load. Moreover, suffering heart, it must also work to increase the load, rather than jerky. Well, regular employment improves metabolism, so it is necessary to cleanse the body and lose weight. So, if you missed the activity, start again with a less intensive loads, and then gradually get into running.

5. Develop your plan
Write about it all, who advises go on a diet or do fitness. But what does that mean exactly? Actually, it means that your own training schedule should meet your personal needs. That is, if your life does not allow you to engage in three times a week, morning and evening, it is not worth it to plan. Limit jogging in the morning in one of the weekend to start. If you are just starting out, you might want to begin immediately intensive. That's right, you will see the effect immediately. But after 1-2 months it is possible to reduce the load limited by one or two runs in the week to classes do not become routine and not get bored. In general, the intensity and regularity, of course, important, but more important is that you do not become slaves of their training plan, but rather a class were subordinated to your life schedule.

6. Struggling with monotony
Running - a task that can be called monotonous. This is annoying, because of this, many drop out jogging. There is a way, how to hold on longer - change. Change from time to time, the route, the terrain. Arrange sometimes days when you do not run fast. Sometimes works like a sprinter. Watch the nature around you - it will not let you change the feeling that every day is the same.

7. The challenge yourself
I'll say it again about willpower. And about the fight itself. Struggle with laziness, a lack of self-discipline and then you will find a great success - a slim figure and a huge energy boost. It is a difficult path, but it's worth it. Go through it, if only to see what you can be.

 8. Do not be afraid!
My most important advice to all who want to start running. Do not let fear make you something to do. It is terrible to be clumsy, afraid that can not stand, afraid that will not work ... After the first lesson was half out of fear, but after the first five you will have only one fear that suddenly have to stop classes and then started to leave the weight will come back again. So - the main thing to start. Only in this way you can objectively talk about jogging suits you or not.

Good luck!
Author: Julia Shestakova