Choosing a strategy for losing weight, or what to eat, "women pears"
 Riddle: "Hanging pear - you can not eat."
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Unfortunately, there can not be a universal diet for all eager to find an ideal form .  After all, body weight depends on many factors: hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition, occupation, the presence of diseases, etc. . d .  Well, even all women are different type of figure laid down by nature, and there's nothing you can do about it: what may, without prejudice to figure afford a female carrot, not suitable for women pear .  The fact that all people differ genetically .  This means that they have different types of skeleton, a kind of character of fat deposition, the prevailing types of muscle fibers, muscle attachment to the bone structure, as well as different responses to exercise .  Most of these characteristics are put to the conception of man and remain unchanged throughout its life .  No diet, no exercise is almost impossible to change them, it can only be given them to adapt .  According to the latest research of nutritionists, before choosing some sort of diet or weight loss strategy, first of all, we should take into account the type of the figure . 

Appetizing "pear"

And just "pear" - the most problematic in terms of weight, type, moreover, the most common and feminine - with a thin waist, wide hips, beautiful breasts and graceful neck.
Here, only trouble is that body fat tend to be deposited on these broad hips and buttocks. This distribution of fat is due to increased levels of the female sex hormone - estrogen. He also "pear" owe their attractiveness and fertility. Of negative aspects can be noted a tendency to the appearance of structures - polyps, fibroids, etc .. But, at the same time, the fat that is deposited on the hips, produces the hormone adiponectin, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Owners pear shape less likely to suffer coronary heart disease, have less heart attacks occur. So, this "coin" has both positive and negative sides, but to fat deposits on the lower part of the body did not increase to obscene proportions, it is necessary to take measures in advance.


Women of this type, no matter how they tried, it is practically impossible to recover in the upper body, but fat on the thighs and cellulite - their problem .  Complicating the situation by the fact that, according to psychologists, this type of women are prone to jam trouble than something sweet and tasty .  And, here, it is just a candy, cookies, cakes and cream do not go to the benefit of .  It is desirable to fill your diet with vegetables and fruits, especially savory and contain little starch .  Particular attention should be paid to the cabbage - it incorporates, in addition to vitamins and minerals, the unique fat burning substances .  Very useful "pear" tomatoes .  Tomatoes generally extremely important product for overall health and condition of the skin .  They contain biologically active substances that contribute to the regeneration of the skin and improves metabolic processes in the body .  The composition includes an organic compound tomato lycopene - has protivoonkologicheskimi properties .  And that is very valuable, this substance is not destroyed by heating, and, conversely, enhances concentration .  Therefore, ketchup, paste, tomato juice concentrate even more useful than fresh tomatoes .  There are tomatoes and serotonin ("hormone of happiness"), so that we can recommend, "pears" not seizing trouble pastries and drink to cheer up a glass of concentrated tomato juice .  The menu must include products containing animal proteins .  This low-fat fish, eggs, dairy products .  Proteins increase metabolism and provide a sufficient amount of life energy .


"Pears" should not skip breakfast - cheese, dried fruits, tea without sugar. And, behold, the coffee should be abandoned - it stimulates the secretion of the hormone estrogen, which level and so great for women with pear-shaped figure. During the day, eat low-calorie useful vegetable soup of leeks, broccoli, tomatoes, low-fat, you can eat a piece of fish or chicken with vegetable salad. For dessert - sweet-sour fruit. The basic technique for this type of food - a dinner as evening metabolism they occur most rapidly. The dinner menu should include crude fiber - cereal or vegetable salad with olive oil. Suitable as a low-fat steak, baked vegetables and cheese. But spices, increase appetite, should be limited.

Sporting load

Women and girls with this type of figure usually have difficulty in discharge of fat from the lower part of the body, and the nature of their training should reflect this feature. We must pay special attention to the lower body. For this fit fitness with dynamic load on the legs: aerobics, dancing, swimming. It is also advisable to do a daily exercise: Lie on your back, bend your knees and put a foot on the ball. Lift up your buttocks and hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly lower to the floor. Repeat the exercise 12-15 times. Due to the large number of repeats is enhanced overall "fat burning" effect is in the hips and legs. Help fight excess fat and exercise bike, running, roller skates and jumping.

If you - the "pear", your main task will not only to lose body fat in the lower body and to give it flexibility as well as to more increase the muscle mass in the upper body, above all - in the shoulders , chest and back. Such capacity will reduce the difference between the circumference of the chest and hips and smooth out some of your disproportionality. So, turn on your set of exercises with dumbbells breeding hands, bench weights, exercises for the shoulder girdle.

A good addition to the exercises can be anti-cellulite shorts, breeches, pants, to help cope with cellulite (or at least reduce its appearance) and pulled blurred shapes.

Ideal for salon treatment "pear" is considered an ultrasound on the hips. This procedure has the effect of lymphatic drainage, wherein the fabric get rid of excess fluid and the volume hip like "melts". Although, of course, and massages and body wraps at the problem zones are also useful and effective.

Well, if you're lucky, and you have a proportionate, harmonious shape with the same width of the shoulders and pronounced bedёr and thin waist - your task is to keep this shape and proportions! When careless attitude even such a perfect body type often becomes pear-shaped, so that the above The given advice may be relevant for you.
Author: Olga Travleeva