Dandruff Treatment and Prevention
 In the winter months, even those who have never encountered this problem often seen on the hair (and sometimes on the shoulders) ugly bright scales that give them a slovenly appearance, itching and discomfort of the scalp. Thus, dandruff, or otherwise, the development of dry seborrhea, - skin responds to changes in temperature and blasted the air space.

And it would be good with the end of the winter heating season, and ended the problem with dandruff, but often with the end of winter, the situation is only getting worse, and encourages a long and bitter struggle.

How to prevent this trouble, and how to fight it? Methods are many: and the old, proven popular for centuries ways and products of modern cosmetic techniques, and medicines. Hoping to get rid of the annoying problems we follow the advice, believe advertising, grasping for any new funds, but often the result of all these efforts is quite modest, and even opposite. Dandruff disappears for a while, to, gain strength, to fall on our shoulders and hair with renewed vigor. Why is this happening?

To successfully fight an enemy you need to know in person! And here is where the problems begin ...

 Dandruff Treatment and Prevention
   To begin, decide what you seborrhea. After all, it is not only dry, there are fat. Distinguish dry seborrhea of ​​fat is simple: for dry scaly scalp, dandruff flaking white scales, oily seborrhea - flakes stick together, barely separated from the hair and skin, shiny hair, the skin itches.

Treatments and drugs for different types of seborrhea different.

Why there is dandruff
A consensus on the nature of dandruff and effective methods of combating it, researchers still did not come. According to many doctors, the main cause of dandruff - improper behavior is quite peaceful microorganism fungus Pityrosporum Ovale   (second name - Malassezia Furfur ) Living on the scalp.

This inhabitant of the skin usually does not cause any trouble and even perform some useful function, participating in the renewal of skin cells. But now, due to some unfavorable factors, impaired secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head and hitherto peaceful fungus starts to behave aggressively and vigorously multiply, thus significantly accelerating the growth of epidermal cells. The cycle of the natural exfoliation of the skin instead of the month takes about a week, and now we get a lot of scales, the amount of which exceeds the norm so that they become visible to the naked eye. Often there are inflammatory processes in the skin, causing itching and other unpleasant phenomena.

 Dandruff Treatment and Prevention
 The amount offered shampoos and cosmetology and medicine is enormous, but they are struggling in bulk, with the same vsyo consequence, not the cause. Shampoos wash away flakes of dandruff, itching, soothe, relieve inflammation - this is certainly good, but in most cases enough. However, it happens that even in cosmetic shampoos manufacturers introduced different therapeutic ingredients, for example shampoos NIVEA   line Liquid Clear System and contain piroctone olamin klimbazon (antifungal component) and a soothing element polidocanol. If you guessed right, and your dandruff is fungal in origin, this shampoo will help, but to use it for a long time is not recommended. And if you have not guessed ...

The fungus - the main reason, but not the only, so do not always protigribkovye drugs work effectively. Moreover, if not caused by dandruff fungus, regular use of shampoos containing antifungal components eventually can cause the development of resistance to the fungal flora antifungal therapy would make it useless and leads to additional sensitization organism. Therefore, shampoos containing antifungal components, in principle, should appoint dermatologists indicated.

Such medicated shampoos, except antifungal components may include hormonal agents, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and other ingredients, including those affecting the sebaceous glands, and slows the rate of cell renewal. But sometimes that is not enough. After all, something had caused disturbances in the sebum ... And the reason is not always on the surface, it can be selected properly care products and hair treatments, stress, lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet, or poor assimilation due to diseases, hormonal problems, etc. Many dermatologists do not exclude the infectious nature of seborrhea, so just in case, do not neglect hygiene measures.

I do not get to the root, what prompted the fungus to proliferate (and whether it is a fungus), we are acting at random, and the chances to cope with the problem once and for all, is not very great.

A complex approach
If dandruff is negligible, and there is no reason to suspect in causing dandruff are any serious violations in the work of the internal organs and skin diseases, it tries to cope with her selection of high-quality care products for special purposes (shampoos, conditioners, special masks, lotions, etc. ) and normalization of diet and lifestyle (adequate sleep, fresh air, physical activity). Sometimes these measures will be enough to normalize the situation.

 Dandruff Treatment and Prevention
 As a therapeutic and preventive means which should start to apply at the first signs of seborrhea, we can note a series of dermatological hypoallergenic shampoos Friderm . This series includes three medical dermatological shampoo: Friderm pH balance, Friderm ZINC, Friderm tar. In the shampoo Friderm Zinc is a suspension of zinc pyrithione (2%), its application helps to eliminate itching of the scalp and dandruff, regardless of the causes of seborrhea. Friderm TAR contains purified coal tar (0, 5%) - this shampoo helps to slow down the proliferation of epidermal cells, astringent and antifungal activity, cleans the skin from the fat and dandruff, including those caused by seborrhea, including oily, suitable for use In seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. A shampoo Friderm BALANCE pH is basic and can be used for everyday hair care of all types, particularly sensitive skin, and the tendency to develop allergic reactions.

 Dandruff Treatment and Prevention
 It is a worthy representative of the family of anti-dandruff shampoos "anti-dandruff shampoo Sebopiroks-911" from Twins Tak It is particularly effective if dandruff caused by fungus. This drug, in addition to combat the fungus, reduces the formation of particles of dandruff, cleanses the scalp.

If the measures applied on their own do not help, do not have any further experiments and consult a specialist - a dermatologist or trihologu - you may need more research. In severe cases, when the cause of the appearance of seborrhea is not obvious, conducted a thorough diagnosis: blood tests, laboratory study of the state of the scalp and hair (hair microscopy computer, Trichogramma, a biopsy of the scalp).

The diagnostics will be assigned to the appropriate treatment. May be needed and examination of the internal organs - the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, nervous system, etc.

Any problem in health is easier to prevent than to treat. Dandruff is not an exception! Avoid this unpleasant phenomenon can help simple preventive measures.

- Select high-quality tools for hair care, appropriate for your hair type. If in doubt, do not be lazy to consult a competent expert. The same applies to the measures taken at the first appearance of dandruff, often the wrong choice of cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, lotions) and aggravate the chaotic use of a small problem and make it a very serious problem.

- Do not over-dry your scalp, it relates to the use of hair dryers, ploek, ironing and other equipment, special care must be used by them in the winter, when the air in the room and so is too dry.

- Protect the scalp: the winter cold, summer - from heat and direct sunlight. Do not neglect headdresses. Yes, of course, winter hat spoils hairstyle, but note that in the cold blood vessels constrict, nutrients and vitamins poorly reach the scalp, that's another possible cause of dandruff.

- Ensure adequate nutrition. The menu should be present in sufficient quantity products containing:
• Vitamin B6 - nuts, liver, bananas, fish;
• vitamin PP - cabbage, tomatoes, cheese, dates;
• Calcium - milk and milk products, greens, beans, sesame, etc .;
• Zinc - seeds, beef, nuts.
But fatty, salty, sweet, spicy can be less ...

- Strengthens the immune system and the nervous system. More walk in the fresh air, do not be nervous about nothing, learn to relax and not to panic.
Author: Olga Travleeva