Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
 Perhaps many will remember (and someone will tell mother and grandmother) that back in the 50s of the last century it was decided to wash my hair every two weeks. And washing your hair every week some considered too frequent. I remember when I went to school, we have a family Sunday was bath day, and we washed the head, too, once a week.

The arrival of modern shampoos, of course, pleased with the Soviet woman. They were so fragrant, foam. Just lovely, especially in comparison with ours, remember those in glass bottles? Those are absolutely not foamed. When I was in school, it is sometimes noticed that by Friday, the hair were not so clean, but still did not allow my mother to wash your hair as often as you want. I do not know why, but we had taken.

And Mr. Vidal Sassoon opened for us the whole world. "Wash your hair as often as you want it" - he said, and suggested that women buy new shampoos and conditioners. Perhaps this was a marketing ploy and not taking care of our beauty. With the new setup, women and men began to wash your hair more often, almost every day, and so - and buy shampoo more often. That's for sure - "a gold mine"! It is easy to calculate that sales fell swoop grow 7-10 times! After washing hair was not every 1-2 weeks, 7 days a week.

All anything, but the main consequence of more frequent washing of hair - is not only and not so much empty wallets. Although it is frustrating to know that someone on our desire to be a pretty good profit. The main drawback of the modern approach to wash hair - this is a significant deterioration in their condition. Stories about the grandmothers of Russian villages in which old age had spit thick as a fist - this is not the myths. Ask your family, look at old family photos.

Finally convinced me to try "life without shampoo" photo 30 x 40-ies of the last century. Beauties of those years show the luxurious hair, it is worth to take into account that the shampoo in the modern sense of this product then do not! Especially in Russia. In general, up to the 1930s, women did not use shampoo. It was decided to wash your hair with soap every two weeks, and even earlier, in the beginning of the century and completely washed their hair once a month. But the photos of those years did not indicate that the hair of women of that time somehow need more frequent cleaning. So why do we need right now to wash your hair every day, if the hair of the women look thick and shiny without any additional styling tools?

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!

Daily cleaning robs hair of natural oils, which provide shine and protection, harsh chemicals that are part of shampoos, hair and attenuate dried scalp. Such a problem like dandruff in part as a consequence of the frequent use of shampoos, ask again at his grandparents - of dandruff in the last century and have not heard. The more often we wash our hair with shampoo, the more we lose the natural sebum, and we have it with renewed vigor to make, filling losses. That is why modern women hair become fat as early as 24 hours after washing. The circle is closed: more than fat - often wash, wash more often - more fat.

In addition, the production of fat with age slows down somewhat, and women over 40 get a grand problem of dryness, compounded daily washing the head.

What solution?
Yes, the question arises - what is the solution? Do not wash my hair did not seem hygienic. Pollution is now stronger than ever before, and abandon the more detergent fail. I tried here that - refusal purchased foaming shampoo, use of natural recipes and as little as possible . And now, I report back about what I did.

What will replace the purchased homemade recipes shampoo
So, if you give up shampoo, then they must be replaced by something. I used just one recipe, but there are many more. Therefore briefly I offer you a choice of several available recipes:

  1. Soda
You can take as much soda as fits in the palm, add water, and this gruel to wash the hair roots. You can prepare a mixture of long-acting. To do this, pour half a glass bottle of baking soda and add 4 cups of warm water. Shake well and keep in a bathroom. One of the most popular recipes for hair washing soda is as follows: the above composition massage the scalp, rinse with warm water and rinse with natural vinegar. This so-called gypsy method. Vinegar is necessary - a quarter cup, if you have short hair, and half a cup if you have long hair. Such washing hair get used immediately, but about a week after three or four hairs adapt, and wash your hair you're not more than once a week.

2. Soap
Buy liquid soap in organic cosmetics shop, a pharmacy, or those who make home-made soap. Mix equal parts of this soap and water, but instead of water better to use a variety of herbal teas, they will give a great smell. Add two teaspoons of tea tree oil, it helps get rid of dandruff, and even lice. Ingredients ready.

3 eggs
Egg yolk solves a lot of problems. He not only washes your hair, but makes them thicker. If you have oily hair, mix one egg yolk with the juice of one lemon. Just leave this mixture on the hair is a little longer than a simple shampoo. If your hair is dry, the egg shampoo would be: whisk the egg, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of one cucumber. Leave on hair for 15 minutes. If the smell will remain on the hair - rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar.

4. Aloe Vera
Very simple - gently massage in aloe vera juice into the scalp. This method is also a fact that eliminates dandruff, prevents hair loss, increases blood flow, normalizes pH.

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!

5. Calendula
The Bank put dried calendula flowers (you can prepare yourself, or you can buy in the pharmacy), pour olive oil, so that it covered the flowers. Close and store in a dark place for 2 weeks, shaking it every day. Then strain the oil, add vitamin E (a natural preservative) and use as a regular shampoo. About benefit of olive oil is known to many, but this adds to the marigold-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

6. Coconut oil
Excellent smell of your hair and care provided. Mix coconut oil with herbal tea, then massage into the scalp and rinse well, the hair will be shiny and silky.

Personal experience
And now I tell you about their lives without shampoo. The experiment began this way: three times a week I washed her hair with a mixture of baking soda and water (1 tbsp. Spoon 1 cup of water, increase the concentration of ash is not desirable). Gently massaging the scalp with a mixture. Hair length did not touch. After all the hair from root to tip washed with diluted apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp. Tablespoons vinegar 1-2 cups of water).

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
First week: "Terrible, but I will stay! "

Initially, as many have warned of beauty Blogersha hair fits. And eye-catching, even it seems to have more fat than usual. That is where a fortnight hair was really fatter. But the problem was solved ponytail and hats and handkerchiefs.

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
Second week: "That's better, but is still a lot of fat"

I was afraid that it would be an unpleasant smell from the hair. But it seems that this is nothing more than a delusion, at least, I did not feel any smell. Yes, and how it will be, I rinsed the hair, soap, brushing clean comb.

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
Third week: "Class! The hair is not as easy, but it has much thicker and do not require daily washing "

Frankly, the most difficult - the first few days. I really wanted to take a fragrant foam and shampoo, but I held on, and then it became easier and better, somewhere on the 9th day. Sometimes I washed them every 3-4 days with soda, sometimes simply rinsing with water, air conditioning several times with water, sometimes in the soda add a few drops of tea tree oil or olive oil.

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
Fourth week: "What you need! Now there's a shine, healthy look, the touch - pure silk! "

The first change I noticed after three weeks of abstinence from this shampoo. Hair became very pleasant to the touch. Such heavy, smooth. More hair was noticeably thicker. This is likely the result of natural oils that now remain on the hair, but not washed in washing. Of course, no dryness and no static electricity and split ends, and this is an obvious plus. Prior to that, the hair was a small wave, now they are clearly heavier and waviness not, therefore, probably, the method can be recommended to those who want to calm their unruly curly hair.

As soon as I use a hairdryer, the hair becomes markedly worse, so now I practice exclusively natural drying at room temperature. Perhaps a small disadvantage is that hair was slightly darker, that's a fact, but it's also can be attributed to the results of the natural oils.

 Goodbye, shampoo! Forever!
Two months without a commercially available shampoo, "I never thought it would be so cool. The scalp breathe and rest, do your hair like a child - soft and shiny "

By "new" hair needs to get used to. They are now a few others. That is silky, heavy, glossy, slightly zhirnovat to the touch, not the feelings after the daily use of shampoo. But I like it, I like the skin feel that natural beauty was, alive.

Will I be back to purchase shampoo? I do not know if only in very rare cases. I now can travel a week without washing your hair easy. One time, I confess to you, use a shampoo, very much wanted to smell the flowers. But then he realized how wrong because immediately remembered all the unpleasant sensation: dry skin, itching, small dandruff some .... No, it is only natural ingredients please me and my hair. I'm ready to live without purchased advertised shampoos and even, perhaps, without air conditioning. And I advise you to follow my example. If you are afraid of the first "fat" week - try life without shampoo on holiday in the country, it is worth it!
Author: Julia Shestakova