How to overcome an early gray hair and hair loss
 Most nightmares related to the health of our hair, sometimes turn into reality. Premature gray hair and a strong hair loss - what fears each of the fair sex. But what is the reason and how to fight it?

Hair loss - a natural phenomenon. The norm is falling out between 60 and 100 hairs a day, the amount of lost hair can vary depending on the time of year (for vitamin deficiency and changes in the weather). If you have very strong hair loss until baldness, is to see a doctor to determine the cause, there is nothing but the mask will not help. Abundant hair loss - it is a signal of internal disorders and even diseases in your body.

Hair loss affects a lack of folic acid in the body .  The high content of vitamin B9 marked in green (parsley, fennel, spinach, green lettuce leaves), vegetables (carrots, beans, beets, tomatoes), meat, fish and eggs, milk, yeast and other products .  Also, premature graying and hair loss are fighting micronutrients - zinc and copper .  Zinc rich bran and wheat sprouted grains, oysters, mushrooms, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, eggs, beef liver and river fish, nuts, legumes, and other .  Zinc deficiency in the body can be caused not only malnutrition but also kidney and liver diseases, poor absorption of this mineral and decreased thyroid function .  Daily need - 10-15 mg of zinc .  This rate increased in vegetarians and women during pregnancy and lactation .  In turn, the daily intake of copper - 2-3 mg .  Most of it is found in seafood, legumes, beef liver, buckwheat and oatmeal, walnuts and cheese .  If your hair exclude from your diet oily and spicy food .

 How to overcome an early gray hair and hair loss
   The most popular means of hair loss began masks, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp . The main ingredients of such masks are considered pepper, garlic and mustard.

- Pepper mask.   You will need red pepper - 1 tbsp. spoon and honey - 4 tbsp. spoon. Honey melt in a water bath and mix with pepper. The resulting mixture was put on a clean and slightly damp hair for half an hour, then rinse with water. With such a mask must be very careful, its impact is characterized by a slight burning sensation.

- Garlic mask.   Main ingredients: garlic juice - 1 tbsp. spoon, egg yolks - 1 pc, honey - 1 tsp.. All products mix thoroughly and put on clean wet hair. At the head of the bag and put Wrap a towel for 20 minutes, then rinse.

- The mask of a young nettle . Enough to cook nettle broth, cool to 30-40 degrees, and rinse them already washed hair.

- Potato mask hair loss.   Ingredients: Potatoes - 1 units, aloe juice - 2 tbsp. spoons of honey - 20 g Peel the potatoes and grate, squeeze the juice and mix with honey and aloe juice. The finished mixture is rubbed into the scalp in a circular motion and Insulate towel 1, 5-2 hours, then carefully rinse your hair with shampoo. Recommended 2 treatments per week.

- Salt massage.   After washing the hair for 10 minutes, gently rub into the hair roots, common salt, then head to rinse well with water. Recommended 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks.

The appearance of gray hair does not always gives our age, as Today, many young girls suffer from this "disease." At the same Caucasian race was less fortunate of all, unlike Negroid and residents of Asian countries.

Seeing the stacks among its few gray hair, we grieve and instantly pull out unexpected "guests". Just exactly this action we are doing even worse: they begin to appear more frequently than before. In old age, gray hair does not cause such indignation as if she appears before it was to be expected. This could contribute to a violation of the nervous system and stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, lack of vitamins, low immunity, anemia, sudden change in diet (diet), skin diseases, heredity, excessive sun exposure, use of certain medications and other causes.

 How to overcome an early gray hair and hair loss
 The best methods of struggle with the appearance of early gray hair will be a balanced diet, avoidance of negative emotions and stress, adherence of the day, including rules of sleep, proper hair care. Enter in the diet of the following foods: curry leaves, yeast - 1 tbsp. spoon a day before meals, butter, which can also be rubbed into the roots of the hair 2 times a week. To prevent premature graying of hair and help you recipes of traditional medicine .

- The mask of rose hips.   Ingredients: rose hips - 20 grams of dried berries, hot water - 200 ml. Fruits pour boiling water, leave for an hour, strain and rub into the scalp.

- Mask of burdock roots.   Ingredients: burdock root finely chopped - 2 tbsp. spoons, fennel seeds - 2 tsp., Water - 500 ml. Burdock cover with water and bring to a boil, then cook over medium heat until half the liquid has evaporated. Add fennel seeds and leave for about two hours, strain the broth and rub into the scalp for 2 months, daily 2 times a day.

- To avoid using gray onion mask.   It is enough to rub into the roots of the hair onion juice and wash it after an hour. To avoid a persistent smell of onion, add a mask of lemon juice, rosemary oil or paste of banana.

Before applying the mask is recommended consultation trihologa.
Author: Alesya Marchenko