Summer Hair Care
 Each season gives us not only the new trends and new principles in caring for themselves. Summer hair care also has its own characteristics. Check everything you have provided in your retirement?

Needless what dangers await us this summer. This dry, weather forecasters promise again and heat waves, and active sun, and so on and so forth. So get to the point - namely, the practical and simple tips to help you cope with any threat to the summer of hair:

• transition to new shampoos
We are, as a rule, in the hot summer weather, my hair more often. And if we take into account the fact that the shampoos used are heavy aggressive formula, the "hair like straw" may be quite common. That is why the next part of the procedure for washing the hair to make the most soft. Professionals advise for the summer to buy shampoo without sulfates. We advise not to become a chemist, thoroughly studying the complex composition of shampoos in the stores, and follow the following simple rule summer. To wash your hair in the summer do such a simple homemade shampoo: take three parts of the unit and mixed with one part shampoo. So you get shampoo, similar in composition to the so-called sulphate stock formulas. Especially this council is to remember to owners of the dry, colored and curly hair. For fine hair this shampoo can be hard.

 Summer Hair Care
 • Do not dye your hair before a beach holiday
Of course, I want to go on holiday in all its glory. But do not rush to the store for hair dye or in a salon. It will be money thrown away. UV rays will change a new color, and the desired color you eventually get. Well, and added another problem - dry and brittle hair as dyed hair requires gentle care and protection from the sun. It is better to dye your hair after you get back from vacation.

 Summer Hair Care
 • Try to wash your hair in the evening
First, it saves you time in the morning. But this is not important. Imagine what hair exposed to stress in the morning: quick washing, drying, then combing and styling. Try to do so. In the evening wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. They dry naturally, will be filled with oxygen. If you choose a silk or satin pillowcase that night moisture from the hair will not go anywhere, and they can not be confused. In the morning you will sprinkle hair styling spray or pre-mineral or thermal water, and put the hair as planned. Hair healthy, vibrant, silky and shiny. Try it!

 Summer Hair Care
 • The effect of burned hair is still in vogue
Hair sprinkled with lemon juice and leave in the sun. 30-40 minutes will be sufficient. Then - always wear a hat. Most importantly - protect the hair roots. Caps, hats, scarves fashionable right now - it is necessary to take care in advance, and take with them on vacation. But the tips of the hair you can not remove the only gel to protect them if the sun is too aggressive. A great option - ponytail, released from under the cap: the roots are protected, and the tips of the sun brightens.

• Do not forget about dry shampoo
Though he called the "dry", but does not dry the hair. Imagine how much time can be saved by reducing the procedure for washing the head to a couple of minutes. You can buy a dry shampoo in the store, but you can use a regular soda. Applied to the hair, wait for two minutes, then a good thick brush comb out of the hair. Particles of dry shampoo absorbed sebum and wash aggressive means the hair is not necessary. And the hair can be laid again.

 Summer Hair Care
 • Do not bang the summer
Summer heat provokes profuse sweating, and not just under the armpits. Sebum also activated. As a result, fringe quickly loses its clean and fresh look, because it touches the forehead, cheeks, and hands. It is very difficult to keep a bang in the summer in a neat way. At the same time, long bangs in the summer helps to create a well-groomed and stylish look. It can be invisible to stab back, giving his image of glamor, and you can pull on your face curly locks. Sweat and grease is not to be a hindrance, but only help in packing. It is better to grow a little in the summer fringe and stylish haircuts to wait until the autumn.

 Summer Hair Care
 • Use the air conditioner as a styling product
Laying means hot summers can simply "pin down" the hair, making it impossible liveliness and naturalness. This is the result of their interaction with the sun and heat. Here's a simple way to avoid this. The palm mix styling tool with conventional hair conditioner (or a mask), and have to style your hair with this mixture. This additional protection for the hair, and hydration and elasticity.

• In fashion scarves and bandanas
Experiment in the mirror, you will like the new look. This trend is a long-awaited in the hot summer. First, it hides the excess fat when it occurs on the hair. Second, to protect the hair from the ravages of ultraviolet light. And third, to add charm and French flair.

 Summer Hair Care
 • ponytail - is not only gum in the hair
The fundamental error in this hair - insufficient attention to it. Everyone thinks that it is the most simple hairstyle. However, tails you wear to the gym - it's not exactly what you need to look stylish. Ponytail requires particular your attention: you need to comb your hair, taller collect, consolidate, and then weaken again comb and go after the top bristle brush. To hairs did not get out, rub a little wax in the palms and smooth hair, but not "smarm."

Photo: Summer-2011 shows,
Author: Vasilisa Cousin