30 Makeup Tips for Beginners
 Palettes and makeup styles change from season to season, but there are also so-called "basic values" are the basic rules that every girl should know, begins its long journey across the planet Meykapa.

Brushes, sponges and puffs

1. A good set of brushes - your main assistant. Start with the minimum set, it must consist of brushes shadow brush eyebrow brush for eyeliner, blush brushes (bronzer), brush for liquid foundation.

2. bristle brush should be soft to bear a uniform means of makeup and skin surface had a natural look. A good brush - it is also a good means of shading (mixing together and distribution of the skin).

3. In addition to brushes, you should have a good makeup sponge. For example, the tonal foundation for beginners easier to apply with a sponge (slightly wetted better) than a brush.

4. Always have on hand a set of eyebrow. Even after visiting the salon tweezers handy for unruly hair. In general, keep the bottom line of the eyebrows was perfect.

5. Do not forget about hygiene standards. Brushes can be carriers of bacteria, if improperly stored. Multiple storage options, but the best way to keep the brush upright and in a closed box. Bathroom - not the best place, because the moist environment promotes the growth of bacteria.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

6. Another important point - it wash brushes and sponges. This must be done at least once a week.

Make-up face

7. It is important to choose a foundation not only for the skin tone, but also on the skin type. There are a few basic formulas and the form of a cream, tinted moisturized foundation (tinted moisturizer), liquid foundation, powdery or mineral base other. For dry skin, suitable liquid formula for oily - matting and powdery, for aging skin should choose a moisturizer (preferably in the form of a mousse), etc.

8. Under the eyes should be applied means a lighter tone than the rest of the face. It lightens dark circles under the eyes, highlights the eye.

9. The most perfect shade tone means - is one that repeats your own skin tone. Make the choice to yellowish tone means, not pink. Pink often makes the person unnaturally red.

10. Choose the foundation is in natural lighting, and testing it in a skin of the hands and the face (better on the cheek).

11. Concealer - foundation point of application, and it should not be much distributed in the face, but only a shade. But if there is concealer (equalizer), the role camoufleur copes foundation shade lighter than your own skin color.

12. Compact Powder - means of topical and crumbly you can cover the entire surface of the face. Compact powder should be applied without effort, a light touch.


13. The shade of blush should match the skin tone for a warm person - warm blush, cold skin - cool.

14. Blush as foundation must also be appropriate and skin type. For dry use only cream products for oily - just powder.

15. The most correct technique applying blush: apples of the cheeks (the most protruding portions of the cheeks), and then shade in the hairline.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

16. If it is difficult to determine the place of applying blush - smile, and you will see the most prominent areas of the cheeks.

17. If there are pimples on the skin, bumps or wrinkles, the cream product is not suitable for skin with imperfections suitable powder blush, cream - for smooth skin.

18. Cream Blush can be applied with your fingers, brush or sponge.


19. It is important to take care of eyebrows. Well-groomed eyebrows suitable shape to help enhance the beauty of the eyes. Recently, makeup artists give great attention to the eyebrows: the eyes can even leave without makeup and without makeup eyebrows - it is a bad tone in professional meykape.

  20. Once the shape of the eyebrows satisfy you, you should fill in the eyebrow pencil small strokes that mimic the growth of hair.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

21. Currently there are no strict rules in finding the right shades of shadows, they are not required to choose the color of eye shadow can be seen as an accent color makeup or attire.

22. If there is any doubt in the choice of color shades, it is a universal solution considered natural shades: beige, ivory, brown, terracotta. It is best for beginners to buy a mosaic of three or four colors, it has all the colors are balanced: the lightest color covers the entire eyelid whole medium - the mobile part of a century, the dark - in the crease and outer corner. Should be carefully shaded so that all color transitions were smooth.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

23. Eyeliner makes your eyes more and can adjust the shape of the eye. To sum should lash line on both eyelids, or only on the top. Professional makeup artists recommend to paint the space between the cilia, if they do not grow thickly.

24. Eyelashes better not to leave naked. For a more wide-open eyes, use the curler eyelash curler and top - cover them with two layers of glossy mascara.


25. Choosing the right shade of lipstick - it is the most sophisticated makeup. It does not always have to follow them. It is important to match the skin color lipstick. Tanned swarthy face and warm colors suit and a pale face looked favorably cool colors lipstick. Lighter shades of lipstick create the effect of fuller lips, and dark and dramatic - visually reduce the size of the lips.

26. There is a variety of formulas and textures: matte, satin, glossy, shimmering, shiny ... Frosted products are not very well suited for aging skin, because they fall unevenly, revealing wrinkles.

27. lip liner helps to make the perfect lips, but he is not required product.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

28. Lip Gloss - less resistant tool, but it allows you to create the effect of full lips a la Angelina Jolie.

29. For beginners can recommend a product like toning balm. It creates a more natural look, it is easy to apply.

 30 Makeup Tips for Beginners

30. It should be remembered that the success makeup lips depends on good hydration. Lip Balm - a good moisturizer, but without careful peeling lips will not be able to absorb moisture in full.
Author: Julia Shestakova