All you need to know about mascara
 We have compiled a summary of things you need to know when choosing a mascara. So you not only save money but also pay attention to others on your beautiful eyes.

Tip №1:   How to use a comb for eyelashes

After applying mascara, use a comb - it is intended to separate the cilia and save you from the hated lumps.

Tip №2:   Cotton Swabs

Remove any excess eye makeup and to correct deficiencies recommend using a clean cotton swab. This is the most simple and convenient way, which will save you the trouble. Also, do not forget that you need milk for make-up removal.

Tip №3:   Do not be afraid of color carcass

Undoubtedly, black color - a classic. But do not forget that there is more than blondes brown ink, it does not look too vulgar. Blue mascara emphasize the heavenly color of your eyes and purple make them sparkle and shine. So if you want to impress others at a party, try a colored mascara option.

Tip №4:   Applying mascara

When applying mascara try to wiggle the wand at the roots. Thus, you add volume and length.

Tip №5:   It is best to opt for a thin brush, they allow you to paint even the most inaccessible places.

Tip №6:   Several layers of mascara look spectacular.

Tip №7:   Tongs

Use eyelash curlers before applying mascara is. Then your cilia will look even more magnificent, bigger and longer.

Tip №8:   For a look that differs dramatically nakraste only the upper eyelashes. If you want to visually enlarge the eyes, then why not apply mascara on lower cilia.