Secrets of the 2007 summer season
 Answers celebrities to our questions.

1. Your favorite cosmetic?

Vaseline. Use it to remove eye make-up. On the one hand, it is inexpensive means, on the other - perfect jelly softens the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. In addition, in the winter Vaseline perfectly cares for lips. Apply it on your lips and gently massage the skin becomes soft and smooth.

2. What is the easiest option of eye makeup with a lack of time?

Step 1 . Apply a little equalizer on the eyelids and skin around the eyes.

Step 2.   Use shades of natural color to give the views of some charm.

STEP 3.   Move the lash line with a liquid eyeliner. This is perfect to accentuate your eyes. You can try a pencil, but its effect is not as charming as the effect of a liquid liner.

Step 4.   Apply several layers of dark mascara. If you want to make a compelling view, the pre-curl lashes with forceps.

3. Do you have any secret tricks for hair?

Ideal - a bundle that hides split ends. Besides, collecting hair in a bun, you can use bright accessories to attract the attention of others. In my opinion, it's incredible act of receiving.

4. What every woman should always have in your purse?

Lipstick or gloss. Two tools that women should be like water, it's mascara and lipstick. With these cosmetic products can get out of any situation with regard to appearance.

What is the best way to combat skin imperfections?

The most viable option - foundation and correctors. With their help, you can hide any flaws and defects of the skin. They are easy and convenient to use. Such means is recommended to apply the fingertips tapping motions, but in no case do not rub them as sunscreen.

6. Share the secret of beauty that you discover lately?

First, the smaller cosmetics on the face, so it looks younger. Therefore, it is not necessary to impose a lot of makeup. Also one of the most important rules is a daily skin care, including moisturizing, nourishing and sunscreen.