Tips for using cosmetics
 Beautician many girls and women breaking from a variety of lipsticks, glosses and shadows. Most of them have never even opened - they exist, as a fallback, "maybe needed."

First of all, remember that in any eyeliner, liner or shine there is an expiration date. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep such funds for longer specified date.

Below is a list of the shelf life of certain items of make-up, we hope that these tips will help you in the future:

Foundation   - Up to 12 months

Dust   - About 2 years

Lotions and gels   - Up to 1 year

Eyeliner   - Should sharpen regularly, then it will last you up to 3 years (although there is a small caveat: there are a variety of eyeliner and eyebrows, their shelf life ranges, so you should pay attention to the label)

Brushes and sponges   - Should be changed every 3 months

Makeup base   - Shelf life depends on the basic structure, for example, water-based tool can be stored up to 1 year, means an oil-based - to 18 months. Remember that you may need two shades of funds: the darker for the summer season and bright - for spring and winter. A little practical tip: if your water base dried up until the expiration date, dilute it with tonic water based.

Lip liner   - Up to 3 years. Some trick: save money on the liner for lips, the fact is that it has no special features, so no special waste. The money saved is better spent on a good foundation and correcting means.

Lipstick - Here the opinions of experts differ: some say that the shelf life of up to 2 years, others - up to 4. However, if you feel that the rancid smell of her, is to get rid of a lipstick. In order that lasts longer than you, it is worth to keep lipstick in the refrigerator.

Ink - This is the most finicky means, besides storing ink is not more than 4 months. If you want to keep it dry ahead of time, do not hold a brush for a long time outdoors.

Nail polish   - Up to 12 months (depending on the quality and frequency of use).