Nail Design: Spring-summer strip
 Strip edges - they are often used in nail design. So you should learn how to do them correctly. Today's lesson about it.

I like to strip. She is so old, fresh. But nails lined design looks weird. Probably the nail surface is not so much to show the picture in all its glory. But do I want to strip!

The solution was found. Firstly, the band does not have to be boring or aggressive. That is, should vary in thickness. Secondly, should not be uniform, and this helps us color rather, a variety of colors.

And the inspiration came from the show Marc by Marc Jacobs, which represents a collection of Ready-to-Wear for the season Spring 2011.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

Manicure striped we need:
- Basecoat
- Nail polish: white (background color) to strip - gray, yellow, orange and bright blue.
- Top Floor
- Scotch
- Scissors

There are lakes, equipped with thin brushes, they can be used to draw graphics and stripes or without tape or stencils. But I will demonstrate how to make the strips with adhesive tape. Then you can use any paints, even with very thick brush, such as Rimmel, for example, have a brush so broad that it allows to paint the entire nail plate with one touch. And anyway, I like a tidy, industrial look strips, which is obtained by using adhesive tape.

It is better, if the nails are not too short, because the horizontal strip visually reduces their length, although on very short nails looks strip, just not to do it too often, it is enough 2-3 strokes. Getting.

Step 1.   As always, we start with the base coat. It is necessary to protect the polish and strength of the coating. Do not skimp on this step.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

Step 2.   Paint your nails with white paint. To the background was the most monotonous and not transparent, it will take at least 2 layers. I used white lacquer Sally Hansen Hard, Nails Xtreme Wear in hue White.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

STEP 3.   Good dry nails, before going on to work with tape. Otherwise, white lacquer remains on tape and have to redo everything. Cut thin strips of adhesive tape (1, 5 - 3 mm width) and stick to the nails. Try to make the image is repeated on all nails the same. Then the idea is clear, and nails will look whole and professionally. The gaps between the adhesive tape - it will be colored stripes. Therefore, if you decide not to make fatty strips, attach the adhesive tape close together.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

My advice:   For convenience, I just cut to the desired number of strips of adhesive tape (or even more than you need, just in case), and attach them to the edge of the table or the like that, to the edge of the glass. It's easier to take them and not be distracted every time you need to prepare a new strip.

Step 4.   The strips of adhesive tape should be well pressed on the entire surface of the nail and the skin to varnish burst on the edge of the nail as bleeding nails. Getting color varnish. I have had appropriate colors Milani Nail Art Lacquers: Blue Print (blue), Yellow Design (yellow) and Orange Graph (orange). These paints with a fine brush, especially for nail art, but it was important to try to make the strips with adhesive tape, so chose these varnishes are not due to the brush.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

My advice: Paint a thin layer of lacquer stripes, do not be afraid, even translucent strip will look neat, even if it has the edge. If you put too thick, removing adhesive tape as if he can reach for tape drawing will be destroyed.

Step 5. All is ready! It is necessary to cover the nail topcoat. It is necessary to design kept as long as possible.

 Nail Design: Spring-summer strip

The strip turned out! And with it has come to our summer mood. That's how we approached just warm days and warm feeling of vacation days.
Author: Olga Larsen
Source:  Nail Design: Spring-summer strip