The simple wisdom manicure
 To hand look elegant and attractive, for they must be carefully and cautiously to care, protect them from cold, drying and chapping. This is especially true for spring when we finally remove pigeonholed cabinet gloves and can present our pens in all their glory. In this romantic period, more than ever wants to look perfect from top to toe ...

That's about the nails and let's talk!

Well-groomed nails - it's easy!
Of course, the most reliable option - to give their nails in the hands of decent professional. Good Master, using the whole palette of tools and advanced materials, plus the experience and talent, the processing procedure and nail decoration can turn into one of the types of high art. But if for you this is not an option, you can deal with manicure at home. Maybe achieve outstanding success in nail design, especially at first, and will not work, but: first, the experience will come with time, and secondly, to make your nails neat and attractive you can not owning all the intricacies of this art full. Make yourself a simple manicure is simple, just need to know some little tricks and stick unerring rules .

For starters will correct length and shape of nails.   Consider the classic version - slightly rounded edge 3-5 mm long - suitable for almost everyone, but, fashionable "spatula" goes far each hand. At this stage, treatment of nails apply the special nippers, nail clippers and nail files. Emery did not make better use of the iron, and the more modern: plastic, glass or cardboard coated with fine-grained. Movement nail file is carried out in one direction, carefully treating the edge of the nail.

 The simple wisdom manicure
 Now, a soft polishing nail file (buff) can process the entire surface of the nail gloss. However, this should not very often (once a month), and only those who have nails are not too thin and brittle.

We remove the cuticles . Pre-put on her makeup or special oil for care of the cuticle. We are waiting for a few minutes, and then a special stick simply move the cuticle to the growth zone of the nail. For the procedure, "trimming" manicure need to have a certain skill, so if you do not believe in their own skills, play it safe!

Immerse in a nutrient bath nails   of lemon juice and mixtures of any vegetable oil for 10 minutes. Suitable and conventional moisturizing body lotion or cream for nail care.

And now good to make time mask for hands!   Apply a thick layer on your hands hand cream, put on cotton gloves, top plastic and rest for 20 minutes.

 The simple wisdom manicure
 Wash off the mask , Dry it thoroughly and accurately nails, starting with the little finger, applied in two layers of nail polish. We give each layer to dry for 2-3 minutes. Experts advise each layer is applied with a brush in three movements: the first in the middle of the nail, and then the edges.

Do not neglect the basis for the protective varnish, it gives the nails flexibility and resilience, will provide more long-term preservation of the lacquer coating, and at the same time prevents yellowing nails, because they do not miss the nail polish color pigment.

Beautiful nails - healthy nails
If the nails are unhealthy, exfoliate, break - with all due diligence, it would be difficult to give your manicure shiny. To some extent, correct the situation can use special recovery and treatment basis under the varnish. Select it depending on the existing nail problems. For dry and brittle nails fit moisturizing foundation   - It should contain vitamins A and E, provitamin B5, soy protein, wheat, which prevent and correct dehydration and brittle nails. If the substrate contains calcium, it should be used to strengthen thin and soft nails, the presence in the basis of medicinal oils - gives hope for a good result in the case of brittle nails.

All healing and restorative coatings can be used not only as a base for varnish, but also independently.

If you like to visit the sauna and bath, your nails in the zone risk of fungal diseases, especially if they do not differ in health and strength. In this case try to strengthen them with special medical masks on the basis of rose clay. This clay (as well as others) is rich in silicon, strengthening the nail plate and, moreover, bactericides, so it masks involvement are particularly effective for the prevention of fungal nail diseases.

- Mask to strengthen nails and prevent fungus with pink clay and propolis
Spread pink clay to the consistency of sour cream and drip a few drops of the drug propolis. Apply this mixture on the nail and after 5-7min rinse with warm water. This mask strengthens the nails and prevents the development of the fungus.

Did your problems with nails connected with lack of vitamins in the diet. About what vitamins you are missing, it can be seen as nails and, given the presence of certain symptoms, adjust your menu .

- For lack of vitamin A appears dry and brittle nails. The daily intake of this vitamin 1000 mcg. Contained in it is yellow-orange fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs, butter.
- Vitamin B2 is responsible for the absorption of oxygen by cells of skin, nails and hair. If the body feels the lack of it, nails are flat, stopping their growth and covered with grooves. This vitamin is contained in liver, dairy products, yeast, wheat seedlings.
- With a lack of vitamin C and bent nails exfoliate. The daily rate of vitamina70-80mg, he found in many fruits and vegetables, but most black currants, kiwi, citrus fruits, sauerkraut.
- Vitamin E has a positive effect on the elasticity of the nail plate, accelerates cell renewal, with its lack of nail plates become fragile and brittle. The daily rate of 15mg. Contained in vegetable oil, apples, grapes, white bread.
- Lack of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) is shown a lack luster polish, grayish-yellow tinge, the presence of the grooves. The daily rate of 14-16mg. Contained in legumes, whole grain bread, sunflower seeds.

 The simple wisdom manicure
   In addition to adjusting the menu, in the case of vitamin deficiencies, nails help special fortified baths, masks, lotions, homemade or store bought. For example, fortified firming complex to care for brittle nails Vitamin Nail Strengthener, Ecrinal   (Monaco)

A cautious approach to the issue of the nails. Incorrectly prepared to build your own nail may eventually atrophy, thinned, and the risk to grow under a layer of gel or acrylic fungus is quite large. In addition, some researchers argue that the polymer methacrylate is used to build, inevitably leads to various kinds of allergies in clients and manicure

 The simple wisdom manicure
 Cheap and cheerful, simple and original!
Well, if you have the time and desire to experiment in the field of nail art, modern technologies, materials and tools that simplify the creative process so that they can do, not even having a great experience and skill. Nail sticker, special marker pens and pencils do nail design affordable and simple process. With a brush of medium size, very easy to put on nails drawing in the form of randomly located peas. Fresh and bright looks bright polka dots on a black background, but note that black lacquer at the base must be enough time to dry thoroughly. And, of course, outfits and accessories must comply with such a manicure

 The simple wisdom manicure
 Unusually it looks on nails so-called "newspaper" manicure. Make it is not difficult, and there are several ways. Here's one: put on nail polish base coat of the selected color and give it to dry completely. From the newspaper cut out ten bands with the text. Now drip a little alcohol on a strip of paper and putting a nail in it for twenty seconds. Remove the paper and give ink is printed on the nail, dry. Top cover nails with varnish.

That's all there is! A little time, a little imagination, a little diligence and attention - and now your fingers and nails look well-groomed, attractive and original!
Author: Olga Travleeva