In the men's society, one can often hear that the magpies and women like all brilliant. About forty do not know, but she loves to taste is not bright, and stylish. At the same time, it is not necessarily the diamonds of pure water, and that there is a woman, she created the image supplements.

I think that there is nothing wrong in the fact that the majority of girls and women love to adorn themselves, and receive from it a genuine pleasure. At times, adding some decoration to clothing, the woman begins to feel stylish, fashionable and more confident.

However, experts warn that the jewelry should not be much. This is not the case when "porridge butter will not spoil." Very spoiled, no wonder women, festooned with jewels, ironically compared with Christmas Christmas trees.

While at the festival allowed shining bright stones and a few ornaments if they are one set and are suitable to the dress or suit, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, made of the same material and in the same style.

   But differing necklaces, brooches, clips, ring, worn at the same time, cause a smile to their absurd combination, or rather, the lack of combinations. For harmony in a woman is the main feature of her femininity, the ability to present yourself.

The chain of gold or silver does not blend in with plastic clips. A necklace made of wood will look ridiculous if a woman refined clips, earrings of precious metal and precious stones.

For example, to decorate the dresses of silk enough single strand of pearls, or even a beautiful glass. To dress with ruffles and frills, experts advise putting on smooth beads simple form. And here, for knitted sweater fit just beads made of ceramic, metal or wood.

Personally, I was in the Soviet era just hit sellers of vegetable stores, in digging a potato, carrots, beets, covered with lumps of mud, hands studded gold rings with huge rubies and other precious stones. No self-respecting woman always knows what is best of her jewelry, where and when you can wear.

   On weekdays it is possible to do decorations made of glass, metal, plastic, and expensive things better to postpone for the evening and holidays. Although the chain of precious metals and strands of beads and are valid on weekdays.

Probably the most popular since ancient times are rings . Modern fashion offers rings and rings are thin enough without aggravating circumstances elegance female hands. Thin small rings can be worn for two on one finger. And here, a ring of bright color should be worn to dress the same color. Rings impressive size are allowed in our time at parties, large celebrations. On the one hand should not wear more than one ring with a large stone.

   No less popular than the ring, over the centuries have been Earrings . What they say about modern professionals? The large size and highly convex shape earrings is not in vogue. Experts advise to choose earrings elongated small flat, elongated shape. Earrings with pendants also have to be lengthened. The same can be said about the clips.

 Brooches   We were the favorite accessory of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and then they briefly disappeared from the firmament of fashion. But now they are back in vogue. It is recommended to wear on the left and right side of the chest, on the corner of the collar blouses or dresses. A very interesting option - a brooch in the pocket. Brooches fasten shelves jacket, if it does not have buttons, scarves, shawls. On silk dress pin brooch fine workmanship to wool fabric suit brooch made of wood, a natural fabrics rough texture brooch made of ceramics. Personally, I like the small brooch of silver, amber and metal. Or maybe someone else preserved brooches Czech glass? They can decorate almost any thing.

But every woman's taste, his addiction. And since very soon we are waiting for the long New Year's holidays, every woman can change a few outfits and do not forget about the sense of measure and harmony, to add with their favorite decorations.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva