"Wrong" clothes
 The girls follow the fashion, they are aware of what is happening in closets friends, they will sell the soul of the shoe "here on this heel," and it does not matter that it's over a foot injury and a complete financial collapse.

From piles of fashion magazines, they emerge in full a miss: I have absolutely nothing to wear.

They for some reason are cut bangs that end up in the same place where he started - on the forehead. Weave braids so hard that they leave on the head touching zalysinki. Paint the hair side and rear. The individual strands of a different hue. "To grow" nails the envy of Freddy Krueger and decorate them on the grounds of the school circle "skilful hands".

They wear pants "capri" shorten the legs and back weighting. A trousers with a low line of the seam? In the ranking of the men's nightmares they are on a par with a loss of their favorite team.

Observant people have long noticed that the majority of women do not dress for men. Girls dress up for girls.

Even if they take with them on shopping a man, only to agree, and he was silent. Well, fee, of course. For all this purple mess that you will likely never wear.

Men in women's stores usually have the form completely lost. Why is that? After all, they love to look at beautiful, well-dressed women.

Well, firstly, they prefer all ready. And secondly, if a man yawning and reluctant to part with their money, it means that you're not dead is nothing really attractive and sexy.

Even when we had no money, my husband was willing to give the last, if he saw me in the dress that he wanted to withdraw.

To wear for men, it does not need so many incomprehensible things to him. All these boleros, vests, scarves and other beads themselves are barely functional. Only if bolero emphasizes chest vest - back and waist scarf - adds tenderness complexion.

Fashion exists in order to be inspired by it to create its own image. It merely outlines the guidelines, but no card is a direct way.

The most famous fashion designers often create a very mixed trends, attempt to repeat that - the fatal number.

Here the analysis of some of them:

- Tuck short pants
The really look good only on long slender legs. In all other cases, they shorten the leg, added weight figure and violate proportions.

If you are crazy about this trend, then wear these pants on the villa terrace.

 "Wrong" clothes

- Capri
For Capri Pants is all of the above. Not one woman, whose size is larger than the Russian 44th, has not graced this dubious fashion. However, they are particularly pleased in Russia is low plump girl. What for? I'm not sure that they are easier to direct conventional elongated trousers. Is that in the rain.

- A deep cut in the style of the 70s Luxuriously See if your breasts yourself keeps perfect shape. The fact that these broad cuts to the waist does not presuppose the existence of the bra. A very fabric tunic dress comes from the 70s no different elasticity and is unable to keep the shape.

Thus, the "either-or". Otherwise, you have every chance to present his bust in the bad light. Remember the spaniel ears?

 "Wrong" clothes

- Short Tops
Fashion again brought us to modify the trends of the last century. This time, with greetings from the 80-90s came "naked bellies." However, short tops, even complete with a high-waisted, require good press. Or you twenty years old and you have no problems, or your place - next to the fitness trainer.

- Folklore motives
This popular folk style - cell flowered kruzhavchiki-frills - is not for everyone.

Did you notice that at the shows they demonstrate faceless models: a transparent skin, gray hair and delicate features.

If you are more like Scarlett Johansson than them, in folk costumes you have all chances to look Manya, who had come to sell the geese at the village market.

- Style, "bazaar"
There is still more complicated. East - a delicate matter, it is necessary to combine with bright vivid without fear, and often with great taste. But it will require the ability to integrate into the subject, and if you have been in the family at least one stray gypsy, then perhaps you will manage it. Otherwise, you'll look like based on the song "I'll put all the best at once."

- Massive necklace
It is necessary to repeat, but it looks impressive only chicken necks. The rest of the cervix - shortens and weights.

The ideal alternative - long thin chains with pendants. And more. And it is fashionable. And for all.

Despite the enormous popularity of this trend and a lot of variations on this theme in the fashion catwalks, clogs - coarse model. She was not able to give a leg grace. First of all it concerns the Large feet wide and ankles.

Initially it was a simple peasant shoes. And its main line remained unchanged. However, the clogs are ideal for urban casual.

 "Wrong" clothes

- Small bags over her shoulder
Too long strap. Too small bag. It is unclear why hanging. Men are not clear. As the conductor. Maybe it's better to pick up a good old clutch. And elegant and feminine.

- Acid shades
If you want to scare the man - please. But better to go with him to a horror film. It is greatly appreciated.

Stylists love to decorate the models as if they are casting the Soviet film "Chingachgook - other Indians."

 "Wrong" clothes

In real life, this style is found most fully reflected in the 80-90-ies. And I stayed there safely. For a reasonable female majority, at least.

In 2010-2011, the craze acid makeup is not stepped on fashion catwalks, largely due to the fact that most stylists exaggerated this trend, have made it a semi-fantastic and uninhabitable.

A man's heart with an expensive way is simple: a dress or a skirt with an emphasis on the waist, a modest neckline, natural make-up, feminine hairstyle. Still, they are remarkably unpretentious.

 "Wrong" clothes

Author: Yulia Prokhorova
Source: MyJane.ru