Wardrobe day
 In Japan there is a tradition on New Year's throw old things. In Russia, there is a tradition to collect old stuff. But do not think that this collection of antiques, just once described by the famous image of Elijah, purely in Russian underlines our mentality. The European influence is certainly there, but the roots always have an effect. Here you are, look into your wardrobe, for sure, will find something old and long time not to wear.

How often do you buy new things yourself? It is those who wear. Agree, there are also shopping, which hang in the closet unused, and were purchased only by some impulse. Alas, it happens. But even if the old or "pulse" thing hanging around, and throw a pity, there is always the option to give new life to the old, and "Pulse" - a new look.

Everyone knows the role Atelier individual tailoring. But how often do you access their services? Take, for example, old trousers. This style went out of fashion, and now is not relevant? Or are you better, and maybe even lost weight, and these pants are very sorry to throw out, but wear them not aesthetically pleasing. Provided that the fabric of good quality, safe to go in the studio and the master is required to help you. They can redraw and make new ones. Or, if there is no way to upgrade them (for many reasons), then the same of your old pants sew you a new skirt exactly as you select and the style that is more appropriate for you.

My old friend working in a company for six years, and told him how often to bring things to modernize and alter. One day a young girl brought him to his grandmother's silk dress from which want to get yourself a blouse. Though the fabric was very old, but the quality remains excellent, and the whole team of experts came up with her a model that is not something that in our country, even in the country will not find. Everything is very individual and creative. So do not be afraid of a fundamental change in the old and useless things. So I recommend for new clothes and go to the studio.

In addition to professional help you get excellent quality item. Competition is so great that in this industry only the best survive, and therefore more responsible specialists. Remember that you are a consumer, and your every whim, as a reality, is to be performed. Do not be shy, pointing to the fact that you like, and that - no.

But it happens sometimes that old thing has outlived its time, but still throw a pity. The Japanese say that, getting rid of old things, we get rid of the negativity of the past, which is slowly but surely poisoning our lives. Collect all his will into a fist and bring the cloth where it is the place - the trash.

 Wardrobe day
   Take a day to clean the wardrobe. Send your men somewhere to relax or stroll. Call girlfriend, mother, cousin, neighbor - someone who knows you well, whose opinion you value, who can tell the truth about your appearance right in the eye, bluntly and honestly. And let this cleaning will be your kind of holiday, or a magical ritual. Remember, as a kid you're trying on her mother's clothes, while no one was home.

Put separately that put on quite frequently, given the season. Suits, trousers, sweaters, blouses, etc. From this, choose those things that you wear often, this will be your "base." These are basic things in your wardrobe, to which you can add other and get new combinations of clothing.

 Wardrobe day
   Thing to sit, just sit, emphasizing your figure, and not pulling it, or without making you Draped mummy. And only if the item is really worth, then you can try to return to a new life, but if you are in doubt, the "drive dead horse" does not make sense.

Consider your things carefully, the tissue from which they are sewn, they are cut. If the thing is made of excellent wool, high quality cotton or silk, if it has a good cut and perfect seams - hold it. Such things rarely look cheap.

 Wardrobe day
   Get into the habit to review your entire wardrobe at least once per season. Then you'll know exactly what you have in full combat readiness and unexpected moment you are ready to get dressed so that everyone thought that you specially prepared for this moment. This may be an unexpected invitation anywhere and with anyone, which maybe a lot depends.

There is nothing more harmful than a habit every day to wear the same shirt and the same skirt, the same shoes and the same belt, just because you do not know what you have and how it can be put in another way because something is laundered somewhere came off button, or there is a spot, or do you just too lazy.

Love yourself, loving your clothes and then be sure surrounding will appreciate it.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova