Hair is not in vogue
 In summer, all of us, one way or another, we have to take care of yourself and conform to accepted laws of aesthetics and canons of beauty. I remember there was a time when even world stars took pictures with her legs covered with hairs, but now the fashion smooth skin.

When the history of hair removal is difficult to trace. It is known that in ancient Egypt, the beauty not only removes hair on the legs, but also on the whole body. There were special servant who watches plucked hairs from the body of nobles. One is bad - after so many painful sensations hairs grew back again quickly. Egyptian poor strata of society removed the hairs themselves using sharp-edged objects. Scientists suggest that it was in ancient Egypt and was invented the first razor.

But Nefertiti, for example, came up with a special paste consisting of honey, wax and juice of herbs with which it was possible to remove hair almost painlessly and for a longer period. They say that just got rid of excess body hair and seductive Cleopatra.

In ancient Greece, men by women who have had hair anywhere except the head. Scientists and historians attribute this to the fact that yuzhanok vegetation is so thick that almost hid from the eyes of men loving intimate places of Greek women. This was mentioned by Plato and Aristophanes.

Ancient Greek women often plucked hair podpalivali or hands. Ancient Roman pulls excess hair with steamed skin in the bath. Old Russian beauties just does epilation in the bath by the use of resin and wax. Concubines Eastern rulers also removed the hairs in the bath with the help of wax. Later there was a way that instead of wax, a mixture of honey and oils. During the Middle Ages in Europe, shaved hair and soft hairs were rolled out, with the help of wax and bread crumb.

 Hair is not in vogue
   Modern women at home or shave, or use portable consumer Epilators and creams.

Removing the hair using a cream called depilation That is, hair is not removed together with the root, is cut at the skin level. Creams are convenient because they can be used on the road, they remove hair painlessly and for quite a long time. The main thing - carefully read the instructions and check the effect of a cream for allergies, brushing first bend of the elbow.

 Hair is not in vogue
 In eastern countries popular shugaring . Now, this method is often used and Russians. First, preparing a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water . At 1 time enough to take 5 Art. spoons of sugar, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon and 2 tablespoons of water, all to mix and heat over medium heat until until the sugar will become transparent, and will not appear air bubbles.

The mixture was then acquire caramel golden brown. Let a little pokipit. The consistency of the final mixture should be such that from it could roll a ball. Here is cooled down and the ball is rolled over the skin, then quickly tear off in the opposite direction from the direction of hair growth.

 Hair is not in vogue

Those with black hair does not help the lubrication method of hair on the legs hydrogen peroxide . If you do it regularly, discolored hair, thinner and disappear.

Heroic women with rough skin get rid of unwanted hair with the help of Pumice . Legs lather well, so as to form a foam, and rub a pumice stone hairy places, constantly adding lather. This procedure was carried out daily for 1-2 weeks. Then in order to maintain smooth skin 1-2 times a month. But those who have delicate skin, this procedure is contraindicated.

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Author: Natalia Alexeeva