Long live the soap fragrant!
 What is handmade soap? The purchased it better? Can I make money on it? And, most importantly, which compete with those involved in this for centuries, and in industrial volumes?

"These are pieces of brown? "- You ask. "Oh, I know my grandmother were such. It smelled terrible, almost mylilis, but it is hard to keep them and only them and enjoyed. " Just calm down. Brown pieces resembling the economic block, are long gone. Modern handmade soap - it's something more like a candy, candies, cakes or beautiful minerals.

We can say that now really is a soap experiencing a period of incredible popularity. Large stores, cosmetic stores definitely have a few names of the products. And what about the special fragrant otdelchikah! For many women - it is a hobby, and for some small businesses. By the way, it has become so popular and in demand that even well-known industrial manufacturers are launching small batches of handmade soap.

Soap opera

Total not tell! It's not even an opera and a theater! There are a few familiar household soap manufacturing techniques:

1. Soap soap.
2.Mylo of semi-finished products.
3.Mylo "from scratch".

Soap Soap

The easiest and most affordable way to prepare homemade soap. You can try right now! I find a piece of the usual children's soap? Better to take the most ordinary, most cheap, no fragrances, dyes and additives. Grind it (some tinder on a regular grater), put in a water bath on a small fire. Always dilute the liquid: water, milk, jelly or broth of herbs (the ratio of about 1: 1). Once the mass is smooth - Getting witchcraft! Make their own soap with desired properties. Golf creativity - untilled! What can I add? Aromatic essential oils, dry petals, puree and juice of herbs and vegetables, honey, a favorite cream. You can make soap with peeling effect or soap scrub, adding oatmeal, cornmeal, clay, coffee. Poured into molds (cups, jars of yogurt, cookie cutters ...) and cooled.

From 1 piece of ordinary soap can get 3-4 pieces of his own. Individual and soft.

Soap from semi-finished products

Principle of soap making is the same for more than just a professional, but also more expensive. Basis for soap (that in the first case, the baby soap) and supplements thereto are used ready-made, industrial production. Handmade soap is so popular activity that now all the ingredients can be bought not only in specialized online shops, often in the perfume market and a large network of beauty is there, and in a wide variety. Anyone who has ever tried to work with the foundation of the purchase, rarely from it refuses. The benefits of such a framework is available:

- No odor;

- Burns faster for 5-10 minutes;

- Consistency more liquid than from the melted soap, and therefore does not require the addition of an aqueous phase;

- Does not deform after drying, looks more beautiful and uniform;

- It is white and transparent, so that opportunities for creativity is greatly enhanced.

But that added to such a framework? Everything is the same as that in the first case. Sorry, the number of variations is so huge that it is impossible to describe the whole thing. Each seamstress their favorite supplements and their secrets, and it is difficult to allocate any number of varieties, all very diverse. Naturally, the main components are a basic and essential oils. You can add to the effect of exfoliating peel of citrus fruits, buckwheat flakes, ground coffee. An excellent filler may be juice: aloe, carrots, cucumbers, berries. Try to add vitamins A, B, C, glycerol, beeswax, moisturizers. In general, all options limited only by your imagination!

How much does it cost? Cost of such soaps is quite small. But considering that all the ingredients are purchased in bulk will have to acquire (in other words they are, unfortunately, not for sale), will not so little. However, the reserves will last for long. In stores this piece of soap worth 100 rubles. The upper limit is not limited. There is a very expensive and exclusive vehicles (for example, rose essential oil is worth more than 1,000 rubles per 1 ml), so that myltse might cost and how a cosmetic set. But, you see, and haute couture dress is more expensive than by his disciple!

Soap "from scratch"

This is a matter for professionals. By this term is meant receiving soap from three components: oil, water and alkali (sodium hydroxide). This soap is considered the most natural, and when combined with the same various additives has exceptional qualities. It requires certain precautions and considerable experience! It should be a sufficient amount of consumables, special equipment, and does not prevent knowledge of chemistry. In general, it's difficult and sometimes even dangerous! Ready?

It will take time, accuracy and precision. It is very important to observe the recipe and sterility. Do not be alarmed, but will need to stock up on rubber gloves, apron, means burns. First, a solution of alkali parallel mixture of oils (fats). Then it's all mixed, whisk blender for about an hour. Only in the already cooled down mixture can be added colorants, flavors and fragrances. Dries everything up to 72 hours, and then another "maturing" of 4 to 6 weeks. Earlier this soap can not be used!

The cost of such soaps are slightly higher than all of the above, about 80 percent, high complexity of the process, but to exercise the naturalness and environmental friendliness!

Think for yourself, decide for yourself

If you ever tried handmade soap, my advice is: try it! Even those who do not have the time to engage in the preparation of personal soap, bought it from her friends, colleagues, just buy in perfumery boutiques and supermarkets. Probably, all things handmade, hand soap attracts and impresses with its originality, natural and ecological. Although, along with the advantages of this soap, you need to say about the features that need to pay attention:

1.   Handmade soap, which is composed of flavors and fragrances "volatile" (quickly erode the flavor), and for such varieties need special conditions for storage or immediate use.

2.   In handmade soap relatively short shelf life. It is not necessary to store it longer than a year.

3.   Few may disappoint the fact that it may take time from idea before you pack into a beautiful piece of fragrant parchment. Firstly, the process of soap making takes time. Secondly, the soap should be "mature", some varieties of "mature" for a few months, but the average soap "from scratch", "maturing" of 4 weeks.

And with these as hand soap certainly can not argue:

1.   Handmade soap does not contain preservatives.

2.   Maximum natural: you always know what's inside. In addition, it based only on plant components, which is especially important for vegetarians and environmentalists.

3.   Handmade soap enables compiling a unique composition and texture.

4.   This fashionable and exciting experience that gives huge scope for creativity, and sometimes more, and earnings.

Soap bubble, or the opportunity to earn?

If you want to capitalize on this - look for a non-standard way. Since all popular road already occupied. Just take your product to the store - almost unreal. Firstly, the limitations of the mandatory presence of a bar code and the certificate. Secondly, entry fee, if it is a large network (it is the entrance fee for all new producers).

Out - small town with a population of 300 thousand. Population, there is no perfume supermarkets or specialty shops. As well as interesting ways of promotion. My girlfriend, for example, she goes to a beauty salon, shops, offers female employees. Well, as a salesman. She turns it because she loves to chat. Already "has acquired" a small clientele. Before the holidays earns about 10 thousand on the soap, in addition to her secretarial salary!

You can make corporate gifts. Suggest executives original and inexpensive gifts for their employees with the company logo. One lady making soap with the initials of the order, and even with a portrait (in relief) to whom soap meant. You can open a small workshop for the production of handmade soap and capitalize on learning. Look their way into the soap!

But the main piece of advice: take a great interest this process! Be creative! Your family, your loved ones, relatives and friends will be crazy about your gifts. That someone could be your real trading or advertising agents! They certainly boast to all your friends your masterpiece. And then, maybe it will go and you will be in demand as a master soap. But it will take time, get ready.

Want to know more?

Information about handmade soap is enough, you just have to look. Girls get involved in this, create a special online community, individual blogs, websites. It's great if you know a foreign language. Skilled workers "dig" rare recipes hand soap on English-language sites. But the problem is everywhere beginning to be interesting to many people, some people have started their own business. I'm a networker, distributors, advertisers ... well, I think you know what I mean. Therefore, I make it a little caution. You - the girl conscious and experienced, and not just dadites up regular sellers of air. A?
Author: Julia Gnedina