Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics
 Lush cosmetics shop windows remind market food stalls. Such associations do not occur by accident. "I have always loved to look at the picturesque piles of goods of vegetable stores," - says Mark Constantine, managing director Lush and one of the founders of the company. Just imagine: you are weighed in the balances grams that way two or three hundred liked makeup, and then gently wrapped it in wax paper ...

Lush Cosmetics

- Fresh and organic cosmetics - not just a fashion trend or a marketing ploy, but a genuine philosophy of the company.
- All products are made by hand.
- The packaging of the finished product takes place manually.
- The label on the packaging is glued by hand.
- The label is the name and surname of the specialist manufacture products.
- The company provides clear information about the date of manufacture and expiry date of each product.
- Some cosmetic products are sold in bulk.
- Cut a piece wrapped in a special wax paper.
- Lush Cosmetics are not tested on animals.
- Lush ensures that none of the suppliers of raw materials, which the company cooperates, also do not produce animal tests.

Unique History

History is unique and dramatic. Lush team works together with the end of the seventies. From the earliest days of the company was used manual production. Since 1978, the company Lush has become a well-known international supplier of perfumes and cosmetic corporations The Body Shop, which was evidence of the successful and dynamic development. In 1988 the company established its own Cosmetics to Go in Dorset, near the sea on the south coast of England.

Customers, the company had set the order is delivered by mail. However, not everything went so smoothly. After a series of serious setbacks and losses of the company Lush broke, and what was left of it, it has been sold. In 1994, the founders of the company have decided to revive the business and re-do the production of cosmetics.

That's what the creators of talk about this dramatic period of history on his official website: "We know that people sometimes make mistakes, sometimes lose everything and start all over again, and it can happen to anyone." Very honest and frank.

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics
   The first store opened in the company revived the small English town of Pula, soon had a second - in London. Both stores are working successfully to this day, it is with them began to grow the company. Today the company has more than 690 Lush stores in 44 countries. In the Russian capital only a 27 (!) Shops.

Besides Moscow Lush cosmetics stores exist in other Russian cities on the list are: Mytischi, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tula, Krasnodar, Tyumen. Lush global expansion continues.

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics

Only fresh ingredients

Lush uses fresh organic ingredients for their makeup: herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, essential oils, fresh juices and even real chocolate. The freshness of all the components - the most important criterion.

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics
   Employees joke that some ingredients are so delicious that they have to hide in a safe place so they will not have eaten before they reach your cosmetics.

Unfortunately, modern cosmetics production without the use of preservatives is necessary. Typically, the preservatives used synthetic ingredients which are safe for health and for the skin. Lush is trying to use the minimum amount of preservatives. In those cases, when possible, experts Lush combine organic ingredients so that the natural way to preserve the freshness of the finished cosmetic product as long as possible.

Lush Cosmetics should be used only fresh, it simply can not be stored for years. Handmade cosmetics should be used before it starts to deteriorate.

Body and soul

Body and soul Lush has prepared a lot of surprises.

Bathtub : Bubble bath, bath oils, bath bombs, soaps.

Shower : Cream soap, gel, jelly, mousse, bombs, body scrubs.

Hair : Preparations for the care of the scalp, hair gels, hair masks, hair conditioners, shampoos, henna.

The face : Cleansers, fresh masks, face creams, shaving creams, toners, lip balms, salves for whiskey.

The body : Creams for body and hands, deodorant, body powder, body oil, massage oil.

Aromas : Solid perfume.

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics

Pluses and minuses

-   Reviews of Lush cosmetics are not only enthusiastic, and there was a negative.

+   Solid shampoo and solid perfume by Lush - an opportunity for interesting experiments.

-   The range of Lush Cosmetics is no anti-aging.

+   Cosmetics Lush - it's great for for original gift.

-   Prices for Lush cosmetics can not be called democratic.

+   Means of Lush bath procedures is beyond praise.

 Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics

If the modern woman, and can be more than a surprise, it's cosmetics, which was made by hand from natural ingredients, beautifully and stylishly packaged. Lush - just such cosmetics.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova