Scrubs apricot pits
 Ckrab with natural crushed apricot pits perfectly cleanses, removes dead skin cells, provides an excellent massage effect stimulates the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.

If you dream of a gentle peach skin, then one of your arsenal of means, without fail, to be scrub. The basis of a facial scrub can be a cream or gel. To remedy could exfoliates dead skin cells, manufacturers add to grinding particles - tiny plastic pellets, salt, sugar, crushed shells of nuts or apricot pits.

Crushed shells or bones are good for cleaning oily and combination skin, and plastic particles are designed for gentle cleaning of dry and sensitive skin. But do not think that scrub shells or bones can injure our skin because of the sharp corners at the particles. These abrasive powders produced by vacuum swelling that precludes obtaining sharp "dangerous" particles.

Indications for mechanical peeling

If you have problems with the skin before applying the scrub is best to consult a beautician.

• problematic oily skin

• Various changes after acne

• hyperpigmentation

• keratosis

• treatment of the body or calloused skin areas

• prevention of skin aging

Important!   Oily skin can be cleaned once a week, dry - once in two weeks.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Facial Scrub from Kibio . Soothing Bio-Scrub (98, 7% of the components of natural origin) has a delicate almond apricot aroma and a pleasant texture. Powder apricot kernel gently exfoliates the skin, deeply cleansing the epidermis, verbena floral water calms her and bitter almonds feeds.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Scrub face mask of apricot Bottega Verde . Scrub removes dead cells and impurities, returning the skin a healthy glow. The product contains powdered apricot kernel granules that provide gentle exfoliating action. Natural extracts nourish the skin.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Cream foot scrub Pediscrub by Night & Day . Cream scrub gently removes dead skin cells and softens due apricot kernel powder. The product includes aloe, which heals and moisturizes the skin damage. Also, the cream of the Knight End Day protects and regenerates the skin.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Facial Scrub "Peach and Almond milk" from Avon . Soft Scrub effectively removes dirt and cleans the pores. The structure includes the smallest particles of apricot pits, which gently exfoliate old cells without damaging the skin. Scrub moisturizes the skin.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Facial scrub with apricot seeds from "Clean Line" . Crushed apricot seeds gently removes dead skin cells, gently stimulate cell regeniratsii, line the surface of the skin, improves the complexion. Chamomile extract softens. White clay pores, making the skin matt and velvety.

 Scrubs apricot pits
 LoShi foaming scrub cleanser with plant extracts from Cosmetex Roland . Facial cleanser contains particles of apricot pits, which act as a scrub and tonic herbal extracts (arnica flower extract, an extract of St. John's wort extract, ivy extract, hazelnut, grape leaf extract, horse chestnut extract).

 Scrubs apricot pits
 Ayurvedic facial scrub AASHA GOLD . Facial Scrub contains micro-granules of apricot pits, which gently removes dead skin cells. Extracts valuable plants refresh the skin.

Important!   Scrub should be carefully rubbed into the wet, lightly steamed out skin for 1 - 3 minutes. The pressure of the fingers should be pretty strong, but without stretching the skin.

Author: Inna Sedykh