The components of lipstick
 Lipstick - if not the most powerful weapon of offense, then certainly the most striking, for sure. Therefore, we need to know all about it!

For thousands of years people use cosmetics. Over the years, the components of change, but the idea remains the same: to multiply the beauty. Lipstick - one of the first cosmetics ever used. To determine the scope of application of lipstick, it can be noted that about 92 million American women every day lipstick.


The first lipstick was mentioned even in the ancient Egyptian chronicles about 60 BC, when Cleopatra and her contemporaries did lipstick from crushed insects, including carmine beetles to get rich red hue, and ants - for the base. The first solid lipstick was invented by an Arab cosmetologist Abu al-Quasim al-Zahrawi. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, lipstick is made of vegetable dyes and beeswax was spread across England.


Moisturizing lipsticks contain ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe and glycerol, to maintain the softness of the lips. Saturated color lipsticks contain a high concentration of oil and therefore suitable for dry lips. But they require re-application and in a tube look darker than your lips. Creamy Lipstick have a high wax content concentration, while as matte, conversely, to dry quickly on the lips. Persistent lipstick on her lips usually held about six to eight hours, but you must frequently update the upper layer of moisturizer.


How quickly changing standards of quality on the market today, so fast and changing components of lipstick. However, in most cases, among the main ingredients can be isolated wax, oil, alcohol and dyes. The diversity of these components depends on the price and brand of lipstick. Waxed lipstick may contain beeswax, candelilla or camauba. While the wax and the oil contained in most lipsticks, other ingredients allow to change its structure and appearance.


Various structures as lipsticks give a different effect on the lips. For example, some manufacturers use persistent lipsticks clay foundation, the color does not erase while eating or drinking. Shimmering pearl lipstick or may contain a certain kind of castor oil, while the matte often contain shea butter and lanolin to moisturize the lips. Lipsticks, visually bulking generally contain a component called Maxilip - variant peptide. It stimulates production of collagen in the lips, ensuring, thus, surround effect.


Price and quality - important factors for each user, but do not lose sight of the other aspects. For example, certain ingredients contained in the lipstick can cause some women allergic reaction. There are hypoallergenic lipsticks that are suitable for allergy sufferers, but many need to look for an alternative or no use. Some types of lipsticks, especially resistant and matte, have a bad tendency to dry lips. Simultaneous use of balm or lip gloss will help to avoid this.