The new word in hair removal: hair removal pads
 Vita has come a long way in the fight against unwanted hair on the legs, underarms and bikini area, from conventional shaving to electrolysis. Between them tried salon hair removal using wax and resin, and home hair removal using depilatory creams.

Shaving gave the best effect of smooth skin, but just for a day. The next day, the opposing ends of the hair again to break through the skin, causing the effect of sandpaper to the touch proepilirovannoy zone. In addition, with each subsequent shaving hair is getting tougher. And sometimes Vita by carelessness even left on the skin cuts.

Salon hair removal, as well as home using depilatory creams, gave a good effect for a couple of weeks, but Vita oppressed by fixed costs in the salon, and depilatory creams. Besides hair removal using wax and the resin was very painful procedure.

Then finally I bought Vita electrodepilator and began to do their own hair removal. This method of hair removal is not carried in any additional costs, although he was rather painful. Moreover, the number of ingrown hair after electrolysis became more and more. Vite each time before the next hair removal procedure had to carefully work a needle, picking ingrown hairs on the surface of the skin. And that's when Vita first heard about special pads with microcrystals to remove hair ...

What is it about

Special pads for hair removal are surface coated microcrystals. Their operating principle is that they twist the hair and pull (do not break!) It.

How it's done

Cushion for hair removal is applied to the body site from which you want to remove hair (legs, underarms, upper lip, chin, bikini), and perform on it a circular motion several times in a clockwise direction and then against it as long as your hair will not be removed completely. After the procedure the treated area of ​​skin hair removal should be treated with a cream, ointment or any other cosmetic product.

One disc microcrystals enough for about 10 treatments. Typically, a set of pads for hair removal contains a certain margin of removable drives.

Also included is a drive for hair removal of large areas of the skin (legs, underarms), which is worn on the hand, and a separate drive for hair removal of small areas of the skin (upper lip, chin, bikini), which is worn on a finger.

 The new word in hair removal: hair removal pads

Why pads for hair removal

The main advantage of this method of hair removal is that it is absolutely painless and does not involve the use of harmful chemicals.

During the hair removal using the pads to remove the hair, you can read a book or watch TV, that is, optimize your time.

The epidermis during such a procedure is not damaged and the hair begins to grow more slowly. Furthermore, during epilation using pads you exfoliating dead epidermis and therefore, the skin after the procedure becomes more smooth.

Due to the compact design and low weight set of pads for hair removal it is convenient to capture it with you on vacation or a long trip.


- Availability of initial capital. Because the cost of a set of pads for hair removal is quite comparable to the cost of the electric epilator.

- This method does not involve simultaneous hair removal hair removal with a certain area, and requires multiple treatments disk of the same area of ​​skin.

- Buy a set of pads for hair removal requires additional deferred costs. For complete wheels sooner or later run out, and would have to order them again.

- Also, do not exert strong pressure on the disk during a circular motion, which requires some skill in the process of development of this method of hair removal.

Where to buy

Unfortunately, until the pads for hair removal - it is a novelty, and they are not widely known in the trade network in the former Soviet Union. While in Western Europe, they have already found a lot of their fans. Buy them at us, for the most part, can be on the show presentations or online stores.

How much is

Price set for hair removal pads ranges from 1 000-1 500 rubles, but can grow at the expense of mailing and delivery of goods to the end consumer.

Bonus: Reviews forumchanok

The surest way to know how the thing is practical and efficient - to ask about it those who already took it. In our case, we know what they think about the balls of hair removal for "seasoned" regulars online forums and virtual discussion in women's social networks.

Karine, 35 years old.   The coolest thing. Constantly confronted with a problem (I'm a girl oriental type and I have hair on the body quite dark and solid), not all epilators can handle it. I bought pads for hair removal and still pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Svetlana, 41 years old.   Convenient travel. Recently I went to the sea for a vacation with your loved ones, of course, hair removal pads were just by the way :)

Vera, 54 years old.   It does not hurt absolutely no hint. Shaves clean. One pad for easy putting on on the palm, laid bare the leg (or whatever else) and iron. Circles are discharged, this time reading, for example. Another trick is worn on a finger and went that way in thought shave his mustache.

Aware - hence forearmed. And judging by the positive reviews given above, the pads for hair removal - a powerful weapon in the fight against unwanted vegetation on the body of the modern woman!
Author: Natalia Hryshko