The path to eternal youth - mesotherapy
 Mesotherapy - injections of youth and beauty.

Mesotherapy is a method of intradermal administration of medications by a very low dose, in order to obtain a therapeutic effect through the action of administered drugs and the effect of stimulation of biologically active points of the skin and reflex zones. This significantly reduces the toxic load on the body and warn of negative consequences of action of drugs.

In Europe, Mesotherapy has been used for more than 50 years .  Absolutely casually Dr. Michel Pistor reduced the degree of hearing loss in a patient suffering from bronchial asthma - brought him a subcutaneous anesthetic to relieve attack .  Since mesotherapy has developed rapidly, and in 1987 was officially recognized by the French Academy of Medicine as one of the areas of traditional medicine, that is, . e .  fully legitimized and accepted by physicians .  First, mesotherapy is used in curative medicine - neurology, traumatology, gynecology, dermatology .  Later this technique came to aesthetic medicine, which occupies 15% of applications mesotherapy .  Mesotherapy is one of the most effective ways to eliminate cosmetic defects .  The procedure is based on the principle of directed point action on skin cells, by microinjection Individually composition according to aesthetic problems .  Therefore, the necessary nutrients, trace elements, vitamins directly enter the necessary correction zone . 

Problems to be solved by means of mesotherapy

- Cellulite.

- Excess body fat.

- Prevention and treatment of skin aging, mesolifting.

- Atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars.

- Couperose.

- Oily, porous skin.

- Acne is the acute stage.

- Alopecia

- Preparation and rehabilitation after surgery, chemical, mechanical peeling, laser skin resurfacing.

Unlike cosmetics applied to the skin, allows to deliver only mesotherapy necessary biologically active agent directly into the skin cells, which ensures a long deposition in the skin and activates the metabolism (metabolism) in the cells, which significantly affects their rejuvenation.

Interesting!   Mesotherapy in cosmetics is usually recommended for people older than 25 years.

The effect of mesotherapy

Injections of vitamins and antioxidants stimulate the metabolic activity of collagen and elastin production, preventing the formation of wrinkles, remove pigmentation.

Mesotherapy cellulite affects directly, and as a result, the skin becomes smooth. Also, the use of lipolytic products consumes a significant amount of fat cells, and they do not tend to accumulate in other places, as it often happens after liposuction. To get the maximum effect from mesotherapy in cellulite treatment, experts recommend to first act on lesions with a special lymphatic drainage massage (hardware or manual), and then to hold sessions of mesotherapy and consolidate the achieved effect other cosmetic procedures - vacuum massage and body wraps.

Mesotherapy for the breast can be done only after consulting a gynecologist, and mammalogy. It will be useful in mastopathy as acupuncture and gopeopatichesky cocktail successfully compete with seals in the chest. If there is a stretch, mesotherapy can have a positive effect by smoothing the skin relief, which will make stretch marks less noticeable. Chest accepts old form after several injections.

The effect of the procedure is highly dependent on the initial state. But after an average of 2-3 procedures it has already noticeable. Under some conditions, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

Small traumatic and minimally invasive techniques, the lack of a long period of rehabilitation can combine mesotherapy with other medical and surgical procedures (including in the framework of Aesthetic Medicine).

Contraindications mesotherapy

- A bleeding disorder caused by illness (hemophilia), as well as the use of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents (heparin, coumarin, aspirintrental, tiklid);

- Chronic vascular pathology (hypertension 3 tbsp., CHD 3 tbsp.); chronic renal failure, nephropathy;

- 3 trimester of pregnancy;

- Cholelithiasis;

- An acute febrile illness.

- Skin diseases.

Technology procedures

Mesotherapy is performed in two versions: hardware (by mechanical and electronic mezoinzhektora, queue or individual vkoly) and manual (the syringe from 1 to 3 ml, the thickness of the needle - 0, 3 mm). After the procedure is almost no traces of injections. Rhythm treatment mesotherapy - a procedure in 7-10 days, depending on the problem, as administered drugs are long-term (5-7 days). Generally, the basic principle is: The following procedure begins only when the action was over the previous one.

Interesting! There is another method of administration of the drug in the mesoderm - needle-free mesotherapy, in which the drug is injected under the skin under the pressure of oxygen. Oxygen Mesotherapy has a double effect on the skin.

There are two main ways of introduction of microinjections:

- In the method, a series of micro-injections napazha piercing point. Within an hour after the procedure on the face remains almost no trace;

- In the method papules medicine introduced into the surface layer of the skin, is resorbed within 2 days. It is believed that with such administration the composition lasts longer in the skin.

Preparations for mesotherapy

All preparations for mesotherapy conditionally divided into three groups: allopathic, homeopathic and biological. In allopatichekih preparations used an amount of the substance that may have systemic effects on the body, has a storage property (especially when administered paradermalnom) and causes allergy significantly more than the other two groups. In small doses of homeopathic medications are used, they rarely cause allergies, but much weaker performance of the other two groups. Finally, biological products are defined as optimal for their compatibility with human physiology and performance impact.

Italian School mesotherapy prescribes the use of monotherapies or ready-made complex preparations. French school gives priority to individual approach to each patient and allows the preparation of various formulations "cocktails." Here begins, and an experienced physician can lie in wait for the danger of drug incompatibility. Moreover, incompatibility can be physical, chemical and pharmacological character when one drug leads to neutralization or even reversal of another action. All responsibility for the efficacy and safety drawn up "cocktail" bears a doctor. The right choice of drugs, account history, good technical skills allow to minimize complications of mesotherapy.

Sometimes the doctor and the patient is faced with the absence of the desired effect when using multicomponent "cocktails" (5-8 components), with necrosis at little deeper administered excessive doses. Rarely, but there are allergic reactions, especially in the use of biological drugs, vitamins.

Important! Despite the use of low-dose, be sure to take into account the contraindications and possible hypersensitivity to the components of the finished product.
Author: Inna Sedykh